Wedding Shower Weekend

Last weekend, the start of spring break meant the pleasure of hosting a Wedding Shower I helped to throw for my cousin Erin at her parents' house in Virginia!  

I may have only had antibiotics in my system for 24 hours, but that meant I was no longer contagious, and slowly but surely the feeling of being run over by a mac truck was lifting - come hell or high water, I was determined and going to that shower!! :)

The shower turned out fantastic & Erin got so much great stuff!  My mom, grandmother, and my cousin Ashley (Erin's sis) were the other hostesses.  We were so happy to see everything come together just the way we talked about and were so pleased with the food!

The food spread!  We served meatballs, buffalo chicken dip, veggie cups, mini pimento cheese sandwiches, cheeseball with crackers, chicken salad bites, and fruit kabobs.  Yum!

Erin's colors are navy and grey so we made sure to include those where we could!

This was the dessert & drink table.  We served mini eclairs & cheese cake bites, as well as a make your own mini fruit pizza bar :)  To drink we had sweet tea, water, raspberry lemonade with frozen raspberries & lemonade with floating blueberries for a little color!  So fun & delish!

If you've ever been on Pinterest, you probably recognize a lot of these ideas!  Ha, they served as a lot of my inspiration!

Chicken Salad Bites - can't find this pin.

Fruit Kabobs

Veggie Cups

Cheese Ball

Erin is using white hydrangeas as her wedding flowers so we thought it was fitting to use some in the center piece!

Me, Andrea, Hunter, Kelsey & the Bride to be, Erin

While everyone mingled and ate, each person wrote down a memory they had of/with Erin and put it in our vintage bird cage (a gift from my SIL we used for cards at our reception and that Erin will use also).  Ashley and I drew them out one at a time and read them while Erin had to guess who wrote it in order to open their gift!

from our Wedding

I made Ashley play this game a few years ago at her wedding shower & my MIL made B & I play at our Michigan couples shower - luckily, B had to do most of the guessing since it was his peeps :)  Definitely a fun little shower game and not as cliche as others!

Ashley & I reading Erin a clue

So excited about her pitcher!  Only at a wedding shower does one get so excited
about simple kitchen items!  Haha :)

Erin trying to guess a memory :) 

Lots of good loot, right!?

Erin's "Mrs. Webb" dress hanger

The start of Erin's big bow bouquet :)

Thankfully, our wonderful friend Kristen took all of these photos with her amazing camera and amazing photography skills!  (Kristin also took our engagement pics & Erin's graduation pics!)  I left our camera right on our desk back in Charlotte - I blame strep throat ;)  Thank you so much for the pics Kristin!!

Although the shower was over, the fun didn't end!  The boys came back from their fishing trip & we all ate more food (can you imagine that!?) and had some drinks!  It's always a good time at my Aunt Stacy & Uncle Scott's lake house!!

Just a little crazy ball fun in the kitchen!

And the ladies getting their dance on :)

Trish (Ryan's - Erin's fiance - mom), my Aunt Stacy (Erin's mom), and Kristin (the talented photog!)

Erin, I hope you loved  your wedding shower as much as I loved helping to plan it :) Thank the good Lord, strep didn't hold me down.  And now, the wedding fun has definitely begun....the bachelorette party is next weekend!  Woo hoo!!


Christina {Carolina Charm} said...

Awww! What a sweet, sweet shower! I love hydrangeas!

Dee Stephens said...

What lake in VA? Looks like fun. I like the idea of the memory game b/c I truly hate most games at showers. They're just dumb..
Good job!