Happy December!!

Happy December friends!!

December!  Can you believe it!?  I definitely can't, but I do love this month, so I welcome it with open arms!  

I loved Rachael's post on December today!  It's easy to get caught up in reflecting this month & then looking forward to the next year…but we've got 31 whole days this month to make count!

I just love the hustle & bustle of this time of year….the shopping, the parties, the family time!  I love walking in to our tree & wrapping gifts & ornament exchanges.  I hope to make this month count more than ever, though.  I don't want to over indulge on food, just to look back & feel bloated.  I don't want to over indulge on plans just to look back & feel tired.

So there's 2 main things I'm going to do this month - 1) keep my workout routine.  No extra slack days this month!  2) build in some rest time with Brandon & our families.  I want to not have tons of plans when our families are here, I just want to be with them & enjoy!

I started a 10 day cleanse yesterday to keep me on track!  I don't really care if I don't lose a single pound from it, but when doing something like a cleanse, it helps keep me focused.  "Should I eat that?  No I'm on my cleanse right now!"  Keeps me motivated, working, you know?!

This could be a good look for Santa, right!?

Anyways…we had a wonderful little Thanksgiving!!  We ate yummy food & played with nieces, nephews, & dogs, went shopping, napped, and just enjoyed one another!  I did a terrible job taking pictures, per usual.  But here are a few…

Wells wearing my slippers :)

Ya know, just doodling!

Thanksgiving kisses!

The granddogs getting some love!

A little football action with Uncle B & daddy!

Gluten free pizza for the win!!

Abel loves him some Huckleberry!  Sweetness.

Yesterday was pretty busy gearing up for another busy week, but it ended just like this & I'm so thankful for that!  :)  Love my boys...

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