I want to blog....

but I'm SoOoOoOoOo sleepy!  
This is not my sweet kitty, but it sure looks like him so I had to use it :)

For real!  That sleepy....y'all these longer school days now are wearing this teacher slam out!  But in a nut shell, here's the happenings of as of late....

-I now wake up at 530...er....ahem, my alarm goes off at 530.  I get out of bed somewhere around 540 or 545.

-I go, go, go ALL DAY long and then get home about 8.  Lately...

-HOPEFULLY, as I get back into school mode, I'll get home earlier than 8.  Ugh!  This guy sure hates being alone all day =(

pardon my face!

-My sweet husband, who spoils me rotten, sent me these lovelies on my first day of school!

-Along with some chocolate covered strawberries!!  Did I mention he spoils me!?  Oh I love him :)

-I went to VA this past weekend and was trapped in by this rude broad Irene!  Her rain & winds were relentless I tell ya!

-She didn't stop us though, we were on a mission!  We braved the rain & wind and my cousin Erin said YES to her perfect dress =) YAY!!!  Then we played yahtzee & catch phrase all night by the sweet light of the generator!

-My poor car suffered a largish dent in the roof and some minor scratches from branches blowing all about...but it's just a car.  It shall be fixed eventually.

-My fam in VA is STILL sans power as well as AC and those sweet things that go along with it.  Remember them when you talk to the Big Guy tonight please!!

Well that about wraps it up.  Maybe I can blog regularly again one day, like next year.  Hah

In case I forgot to mention, I'm running on fumes from my 15 hour days.....so off to bed, sweet dreams friends!

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Ashley said...

Wow. That schedule makes me tired. But the sunflowers are awesome! You got yourself a good one! : )