September Birthdays

Well now that it's October.....I thought I'd finally post about the 2 awesome birthdays we celebrated the last two weeks of September!

My wonderful momma turned fifty some years young on the 22nd and my amazing husband turned the big 2-8 on the 27th!!

Typically my parents are in town about once a month, but between our travels and what not, we seemed to miss them the last time they were here. They were up the last weekend of September, though so we were able to get all the fam together that Saturday afternoon!

We went to the UH-may-ZING restaurant Pike's Old Fashion Soda Shop in South End.

Pike's is delish and the real deal.  They have the cutest old fashion counter when you walk in and a list of mouth watering milkshake flavors written on a hanging chalk board staring at you in the face begging to be bought and eaten!! Its torture really ;)

We had a special little room off to the side since there were 13 of us!  Haha, we travel in large groups....it's something Brandon's getting used to.

I had a grilled pimento cheese sandwich and a cookies and cream milkshake and B had an open faced turkey sandwich and a root beer float!  Are you running there yet!?

I'm pretty sure everyone indulged in either a milkshake, float, or sundae....and why not!?!?!  We were celebrating!!

I'm SO thankful for my wonderful momma!!!  She's such an awesome woman, whom I look up to so much!  She deserves every ounce of celebration, and more!  Hope your birthday was spectacular Mom!!

We were also celebrating this guy....

My fantastic, amazing, sweet husband!!  He does SO much to make me feel special all the time, so I hope I made him feel special on his birthday!!  

I mentioned his Omaha Steak Package as part of his gift that came a wee bit early, but I also planned for Brandon and I and a few of our friends to try out our new Comedy Zone in the Music Factory!!  

Not sure if you've ever heard of Anjelah Johnson, or better known as Bon qui qui from MadTV!?!?  Well if you haven't, you're missing out!  She's hilarious!!! I had to share her nail salon bit on here, it's THAT funny!!

The Comedy Zone was a blast and definitely something different, so we can't wait to go back again!  I bought a groupon there over the summer which has to be used by December....so we'll definitely be going back!

Brandon was traveling over his actual birthday.  Had to say in a hotel, all my himself :(  I could only wish him happy birthday from afar!  But he was in Daytona and woke up to this...

not too shabby, huh!?!

Thankfully his other gift finally arrived before he got back in to town that Thursday.  A 12 pack of beer!!


Ha, I got Brandon a 3 month subscription to a beer of the month club! So we'll be sampling some hopefully tasty & different beers over the upcoming holidays!  I'm pretty excited, hope he won't mind sharing his gift!!  :)  **I can't take full credit for this idea, my friend Ashley led me to her friend Rachel's blog, which is where I got the idea!  So thank's Rachel!!**

And happy, happy 28th babe!  I love you!!  You're my favorite - to the moon!!!

I'm SO, super glad I FINALLY got to blog again!  I will hopefully definitely be back sooner than 2 weeks later this time - hopefully in the next day or two with details on 2 weddings & a weekend away!

Adios amigos - its good to be back, but I'm off to bed!  Glad all of our Monday's are over!

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