2 truths and a lie

I workout.....so I can eat!  More!

This is an absolute truth.  I have terrible will power, my friends, but I come by it honestly! My will power stops at the grocery store.

If I buy it, I WILL eat it.  Hands down.

Ice cream for example.  If I were to buy ice cream....I would eat 5-7 (or 10-20, whatever) bites a night.  I would surely not scoop out a bowl of ice cream, because therefore I would be having a bowl of ice cream!  But I would eat it. every. day. until the carton was empty.

So I don't buy ice cream :`(  <---- sad weeping crying face as ice cream is my FAVORITE!

Whenever I cave and buy some chocolate or we do actually have sweets in the house....

ie cupcakes for B's birthday a few weeks ago, some homemade chocolate chip cookies, a pack of m&ms from the register

.....my motto tends to be "well I might as well hurry up and eat it all so it's gone!"

m&m packs last a good 4 minutes before they're gone and the half uneaten cupcake in the fridge screams at me all night cause it misses the other half already in my belly!

Once it's gone though, it is no longer a temptation :)  Good motto, right!?!

I also possess little self control when delicious foods are available.  Staff meetings when the PTA provides snacks, wedding showers, baby showers, etc. If it's out, I'm gonna need a little of it all....and I might go back for seconds.

But then, I go to the gym and I run my a$$ off!!  I know my limitations, my temptations, and my metabolism.  I know what to do to lose and maintain, so I do it.  (More so just the maintain part actually, I often give up on the things required to lose :) but I know what they are!)



I'm also on steroids.

Another truth!  Topical steroids that is.  I suffer from eczema, which in my older age has become very mild and is largely under control!

Except my itchy, itchy legs.  I end up using my cream (gosh, I sound 80! ha) about once a week to keep the itch away.

Otherwise, Brandon will awake to scratching at 2:37 am and tell me to "quit it!" and my legs will look like Benson used them as a scratching post.

Attractive right?

However, I don't encourage nor do I agree with the use of steroids!  And I strongly dislike the fact that I use said cream.  I feel using a topical steroid once a week for a prolonged time period cannot be a good thing, right!?

I really need to look into some natural remedies....any suggestions??


I just love bugs!

Not!  This would be the lie.

I strongly dislike bugs....of any kind really.  Obviously there are unmentionable bugs that I just don't do and don't want to even speak their name.

But I don't even like little bugs....ants, or bees, or creepy crawly anything!

I jump up with cat like reflexes at the pool just hearing some form of bug fly by and promptly run, flail my arms, and scream like a little girl if any bug flies by more than once, is crawling on me, or even near me for that matter!

This being said.....I'm SUPER excited to go camping in a few weekends!! Seriously!  No sarcasm was intended for that sentence.

But my fear of the nasty little boogers that mother nature may allow into my tent and/or heaven forbid my sleeping bag is already giving me the heebie jeebies!!!

I think I'm gonna bring lots of bug spray!


Ashley said...

John has been begging me to go camping and I keep reminding him that while I'd LOOOVE to stay in a hotel, I don't camp. Sorry. Unless it involves a cabin with air conditioning and/or heat. And a toilet. And shower. But the main reason is that I can't stand bugs. Oh my word. They gross me out and I don't even like to be near them either. Gross.

Betty Anne Davidson said...

This is so. not. cool. As I was reading your blog about hating creepy crawly things, I noticed something itchy on my arm. IT WAS A SPIDER. ON. MY. ARM. Not cool at all. Before thinking clearly, I swatted it off my arm and across the room. Then I had to chase it down to kill it because I can't deal with knowing there's a SPIDER in my house. I'm sure there are lots of spiders in my house, but I don't know about them and therefore all is well....

So if reading stuff on your blog makes it come true in my life, could you write about winning millions of dollars or something helpful like that?? I promise I'll give you a cut... :)