2 Weddings & a Weekend in the dirty D!

The last weekend of September, the same weekend as birthday celebrations galore, my parents, B and I got all gussied up to head to my good childhood friend's wedding!!!

My sweet friend Erin was the most GO-geous bride!!  She was beaming as she said her "I do's" to her now hubby David!

Erin, Ashley and I were like the 3 musketeers growing up!  Always having sleepovers, spreading roll-on glitter over every square in of our bodies, making homemade movies of us baking....never a dull moment ;)  and such sweet memories!!  Now we're all grown, married, and havin' babies!  (Well actually, just Ashley has a baby for now, haha.)

Ashley and I finally got that pic of she and I that we'd been meaning to take! We were matching in our navy :)  My parents and I had a blast hanging out with Ashley & John and Ashley's parents!!  We made sure to all sit together at the reception and we broke out our sweet dance moves, too!  Ashley & I try to get together at least once a month, but it was fun having our hubbies there for a change!  I see a couples fall cookout in the near future!

I thought B and I were awfully cute with our matching navy, too!  Just wanted to include an all dolled up pic to document our good lookingness while we're young and still got it ;)

I also experimented with my hair do....poofed it up a bit instead of the same ol' same ol' straight, side part!  I'm a fan, I think it looked very dressy & classy.  I'm becoming an expert poofer thanks to all the lessons from my friend Andrea!  I'm gettin' there.

This past weekend we flew off to the dirty D (Detroit for those of you not married to a Michigander or gangsta like myself) for back to back wedding weekends!  Our friends Kelly & Ryan were getting hitched so we made a weekend out of it!

I took some PTO from work Friday, so Thursday after school I promptly headed to Polished to get my nails beautified.

I was in love with my purple nail polish so I took a pic Friday morning on the way to the airport :) **side note - my husband thinks I take pictures of the silliest things, including myself, my nails, food, etc.  Whatev - its all for the blog baby!**

Anyway, Friday was amazing....we had a direct flight with ZERO complications or delays (that's like a miracle for us!), got to our hotel, ate a delish lunch, and then took a nap - in the middle of the day!!  Yessir.....cause we could!

Friday night, we went to go cheer on the Tigers in the MLB playoffs!  (Again, married to a Michigander so I'm now a tiggles fan :)  the Braves haven't been so hot in a while anyways!)  One of B's good friends from back home works at the restaurant/bar BlackFinn not too far from our hotel, so we set off for dinner & drinks there!

The game got rained out, but it was still a fun mini date on our weekend away!  (The Tiger's are now headed for game 5 in the playoffs, tied with the yanks 2-2...ahhh!!)

Saturday we slept in (yessir....cause we could!!), ran a little in the hotel gym, and lounged around before getting fancied up once again.  It's a tough job being fancy all the time, I tell ya.....

This time I thought I'd curl my hair....wasn't really feeling it!  It was alright....I think I'll stick with straight and a poof from now on, ha.

The wedding and reception were so beautiful!!!  Clearly I was not in charge of pics so of course there are a lot, haha.

I realize this is blurry, but Kelly's niece Kenzie, the flower girl, was SO shy & did not like anyone looking at her walk down the aisle!  She buried her head in her mom's bum the whole way down!!  Haha

The 1st kiss!!

The dress!  So beautiful!!!  The church was gorgeous as well!


The stunning atrium where the reception was held!  Right at our hotel, so convenient!

See, my hair just looks better straight.  This proves it!  B is handsome in his new suit though :)

Ashley & I!!

TABLE 3!!!  Woohoo!

Handome men, B with the groom!

And I just wouldn't be myself if I didn't ruin a cute pic :)

So much wedding fun two weekends in a row!!  Our early wake up call Sunday morning however, was terrible! less than so much fun....but well worth it in the end!

Sunday we made it back to the Queen City (glitch free again!) and now we're back to the daily grind.  We're so excited for our friends and couldn't be happier for them as they begin their marriages!!!

So now I'll leave you with the marriage advice I gave to both couples that I received some months ago.....in the words of my wise, eldest brother - 

fight naked ;)


Ashley said...

Ha! The marriage advice still makes me laugh. My question is, if you realize you're starting to argue and fight, do you just stop and take your clothes off? Curious as to how to make that advice actually happen. : ) On another note, I LOVED the poof on you, but it looks great curly too! I just got a new curling iron and have curled mine every day this week, so we're going to have to pretend we're 14 again and you'll have to come over and we'll play around. Ha! And we'll definitely take you up on the fall cookout, too. : )

Michelle said...

Haha, I think the one who is less angry/not the angry one should just take it off! That would surely diffuse things quickly yeah!? Ohh, we do need a hair play date! That'd be so fun!! Let's plan that cookout soon! I know we having nothing the weekend of the 21st... :)