Weekend Update

As it turns out, most of my weekend updates get posted on Tuesdays. Whoops.  Mondays are usually just too daggum busy.  So, a little late on Tuesdays, YES, but better late than never at all right!?

We had a fun little weekend over here.

Friday night was low key....work out, some delicious Crisp for dinner, then dropped a buck 30 at Target.  No big deal!  Hah

I swear that place is like a black hole for my money!!  We had our list all planned out and then of course added a few extras.  Then before ya know it, BAM, we're $130 poorer.  We got some good stuff though, including 2 new camping chairs for this weekend & a new cooler as well!  Worth it I'd say =)

Saturday we celebrated the birthday of this sweet thang....

My sweet Jude Leeland is 4!!!  How can my nephew be 4!?!  Just yesterday he was a day old.

And then he was this chunky monkey lovable thing!!

And then a toddler...

....and a sweet big brother....

And now practically grown! 

This weekend we had a fun party for Jude and my brother Josh as he truly enters the 30s this Friday!

Course Ro & Wells got a gift or 2 as well :)

And this little ham ALWAYS steals the show!!

Jude loves soccer (just like his daddy!) and has been in a soccer clinic this fall.  Brandon and I got him his very own soccer goal for the back yard!  It was a big hit!  I mean, I know it wasn't a contest...but if it was...our gift would have totally won!!!  Haha, jk.  But really, we had fun playing with it before we left!

We got dinner after the party with my fam and then met Justin and Andrea out since J was in town :)

Sunday was a perfect fall day, complete with brunch, a nap to the Panther's in the background (losing! so sad!), a short run, and relaxation on the couch with my babe before another week.

Now I'm back to counting down the sleeps until B's back home!  Only 2 to go.....and I have sushi with Hunter to look forward to tomorrow night & dinner with Ashley Thursday night :)  Yay for friends!!

And Happy early Birthday Josh!!!  Love you brother!


Ashley said...

I can't believe how big Wells is! Oh my word! I haven't seen him since your wedding (ahem, a year ago!) and he has changed so much! Can't wait for dinner tmw! : )

Mimi to 3 said...

I love all the pictures you have on this post. My goodness, how the children have changed! So cute! Great picture too, of you, Josh, and Roen!