Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween y'all!!!

Jethro made an honest woman outta me and we done got hitched ;)  It says so on the back of my shirt, we just didn't take a picture of that.

Hahaha, B and I put in our fancy teeth, our best Sunday clothes, and I threw in my beautiful veil - voila! - Jethro and his Mrs.  I don't think my character really had a name!

Brandon found the ever so classy and camouflaged beer to match his outfit and I added some Harris Teeter bags under my tank.

It was the strangest thing I tell ya!  That belly creeped me out!!  Haha, it was so life like!  I'd look down and couldn't see my feet and wow, it just felt convincing!  Too convincing.

Those teef were magic, too I swanny!  As soon as B popped 'em in, Jethro came out!!  He had a big ol' southern twang and just didn't know how to talk no good.  He wasn't raised to speak good and only had 4 teef (with stains around the gum an everythang!).  He weren't lucky enough to go to no dentist when he growed up and didn't know how to floss so good.

Jethro was CREEPY y'all!!

But hilarious!!!  This has to be one of the most fun costumes (and most affordable!) I've ever done!  My Harris Teeter belly was a little itchy by the end of the night and a few people actually asked if it was real.  They musta' been drinking ;)

Hope y'all had a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween!

Now on to Thanksgiving & Christmas =)


Ashley said...

Haha!! I love it!! Y'all look great! And I don't know why you're so freaked out by your HT belly...I've been trying to get you on board with that since you got married, girl! : )

Todd and Sara Davis said...

ha! hilarious!