E's Bachelorette Weekend!!

This past weekend, I got to throw a Bachelorette Weekend Bash for my cousin Erin's impending nuptials!!  I took Friday off of work to make sure I got to Charlottesville at at decent time.  (Not sure if you've every driven that drive before....but it sucks!) Luckily, my friend Andrea is Erin's friend also & she was a fantastic car buddy, per usual :)

We got away a little later than planned since we had to show B's friends that were in town (for the 1st annual "Brocation" at the beach) a good time uptown Thursday night!!  Whoops...well worth it though!

After escaping some flying wooden rods off a trucker (near death experience, for real!) which took my hubcap with it...we finally arrived in Charlottesville around 4, met my cousin Ash, & got the room all set up!  Our suite was way bigger than expected which was an added bonus.

Erin & her girls arrived between 530 and 6 & the festivities began :)

Friday night was Girls Night In....complete with pizza, drinks, painting nails, face masks & girly movies....

Mellow Mushroom Pizza, lots of pink, and some other goodies ;)


Girls chit-chatting

Oh yes...this happened!

And this!

A few other things happened Friday night....but, some things that happen on a bachelorette party, stay on a bachelorette party ;)  I'll never tell!!

Saturday morning, we slept in, got Starbucks & ate breakfast at the hotel.  Then it was off to the winery!  I never knew this until planning this party, but apparently, Charlottesville is vino country!!  We went to an amazing winery, Veritas Winery.  

For $25 bucks - we were had a tour, sampled 8 wines, received 2 complementary wine glasses {which read "In Vino Veritas"} and ate an amazing lunch on the patio!  Seriously, lunch was amazing.  We were all raving about it.  Pretty fantastic deal, right!?

Andrea & I

Gorgeous ball room - they do weddings!

So appropriate, right!?

After our tour and tasting, most of us picked our fav bottle and shared a few drinks with lunch!

Ladies waiting on lunch

All 17 of us & the gorgeous view!! 

Andrea, Me, Erin, & Kelsey - the Charlotte/VA Beach girls 

Erin's soon to be SILs - Erin, Erin & Kim

All the Maids except 1 who couldn't make it!  Hannah, Me, Erin, Erin, Kim, Ashley, Emily

The VT girls - Hannah, Erin, & Regan

My cousins, my best friends, my sisters - Me, Erin & Ashley

Friends!!  Love these 2 :)

After our winery fun, we headed back to the hotel for E's lingerie shower & then it was Girls Night Out!  We had dinner at an Asian Fusion Tapas Restaurant, Bang, made our way to a roof top bar for a bit, then danced the night away at one last place!!

My delish Pomegranate Martini

Pretty ladies with the Bachelorette!!!


The weekend was so much fun!!  Erin has some great girlfriends (many of whom I've known for quite some time!) and we all got along so well!!  You'd think with 17 girls surely there'd be drama or tears...but none of that!  Just a blast all weekend celebrating our girl!  

Love you E!  Hope you enjoyed your last fling before the wedding ring!!!


Christina {Carolina Charm} said...

What a FUN weekend!!! Lots of good times!

Dee Stephens said...

looks similar to my bachelorette weekend minus going out after the wineries.
We went home, drank and ate some more and CRASHED. Woke up with headaches!! LOL!!

Cherie Paquette said...

Hi there! I am trying to plan a bachelorette party for my sister in Charlottesville, VA. What hotel did you all stay at?

Mary Beth Wickless said...

where did you guys go dancing?? I'm trying to find some good places for a bachelorette party this weekend :)

mark lawrence said...

Interesting bachelorette weekend! I am so pleased that everyone enjoyed this event. Hey I also want to hire a music band to perform in my bachelorette bash that I am going to host in next week at the local venues in Los Angeles. Please recommend a talented music band!