Spring Break 2012

Well, since almost 2 weeks have passed now, I thought maybe I should get around to blogging about our Spring Break Cruise!  Even though it's a little belated, I wanted to make sure I blog about it so it's officially in the record books :)

**Tons of pictures!!  You've been warned!**

Back in late December, we found out that Brandon had won a sales incentive prize from work...an all expenses paid Caribbean Cruise!!!  We were so excited!  We love vacay {captain obvious here!} and did I hear *free*!?!  I've been on a cruise once before, but this would be Brandon's first.  Since I'm a teacher, the best time to take our cruise seemed like Spring Break, so we booked it!

Little did we know, this would coincide with lots of wedding (shower & bachelorette) and house fun...but it's ok.  It was a nice get away for B & I in the midst of it all.

We flew out early Monday morning of my spring break for Miami.

Just a little sleepy :)

First glimpse of our boat - Majesty of the Seas

Panoramic from the top deck

Obviously, our first task was to get a drink & get changed into our suits!

Mission accomplished

Sailing away....

So long Miami!

King of the World!

Our first night, we didn't want to get fried, so we headed in from the pool to nap & then got ready for dinner.  Dinner every night was delish in the dining room!  The first night, I had filet :)

First night dinner - only pic

Day 2, we woke up in Nassau, Bahamas!  After a quick morning run over looking the ocean & a little breakfast buffet, our mission - a little sight seeing & a lot of beach!

Tourist much?

We couldn't pass up some Rum Cake!  We got Key Lime Pie
Rum Cake - to be eaten once we move :)

Señor Frogs!  We passed by on our quest to find a beach...we planned to head back for lunch.


Not too shabby

Another cruise ship pulling into port

Ahhh refreshment

Bucket O Beers - yes please!

This is the life!

After our bucket 'o beers, we headed back to Señor Frogs for lunch.

Thank goodness, I'm barely tall enough to drink!

Oh the spring breakers!!!  So many of them.

That night, back on the cruise ship, was formal night.  B & I got all gussied up (after another nap in our room....I mean we're on vacation!) and headed to the dining room.

Overall, Nassau was probably our favorite day!  The public beach we parked it on was so fun & relaxing!  We definitely had a good time.

Day 3, we were docked at Royal Caribbean's private island.  Unfortunately, their private island wasn't so private, in our opinion.  3 boats were docked there that day!!  That's a whole lotta people!  We spent some time on the island and then headed back to the ship's pool for the rest of our day.

Our view of the parked ship

Sunset sky

Day 4 we were back in the "States" - Key West!! We woke up to a gorgeous view from our balcony, attempted a run (a little more rough than the beginning of the week) & were excited to explore Key West.  We both had never been & so many have raved about their bars!

Gorgeous homes all over!

The owner of B's company & his family frequent Key West - we asked for a little
advice on where to go & their recommendation did not disappoint! 

Key Lime Pie shots - when in Rome ;)

The bar had live music & the musician's sweet pup was just lounging in his
guitar case :) 

Thursday night was our last night on the ship.  We took a picture with our table mates for the week & one of our servers.  The ladies we sat with each night were from Brazil!

Friday morning, we were back in Miami & it was time to go home.  This might be the first time that we've ever been ok and even a little excited to be leaving vacation!  Ha, it's not that the cruise wasn't wonderful....because it was!!  {Although it's super expensive to drink, fyi!  We managed to work our way around that a bit ;)}  But we knew heading home meant we were one step closer to getting our house!!!

We left tan and excited to head back to the CLT for closing the next Wednesday.  Our Key Lime Pie Rum Cake is awaiting Saturday night - we'll finally be moved in & that will call for some celebrations!

And now that we've bought a house {$$$} I'm going to need B to keep winning free vacations, because Lord knows our bank account won't be ready for another vacay for a while ;)

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Erin said...

I'm so jealous of your pictures!! It looks like you had so much fun!! Can't wait to see more pics of the house! :)