Weekend & Other Random Musings

While vacation was wonderful, I was definitely glad to be back on Friday in order to have Saturday & Sunday to recoup.  Reality was definitely creeping back around the corner, plus we needed to get a jump start on some packing & get ready for B to head off to another work week of travels.

Friday night, once we got back into town, we made a stop by the ever so generous ABC store.  More booze after a whole week of vacation!?  Hah, no, no...boxes my friends. Boxes!

We started the packing process & finally, after a whole week Dexter free, fed our addiction!  I'm glad we got a jump start on packing, but unfortunately that means I get to live in a half packed up - cluttered - stuff out on the counters - apartment for 12 more days. EEEK.

That does seem to mask the dirt though - I've also decided to pretty much stop cleaning the apartment!  Ha, our complex is making us pay a lovely cleaning fee when we move out, even though we know good & well they'll just be coming in to demo our whole kitchen!

Our building is slowly undergoing a reno - so I just don't understand why we have to pay a cleaning fee for them to come dirty up our apartment again!  So, I'll show them.

Saturday morning we were reunited with this sweet thang...

This is pretty much how he spent the entire Saturday night!  He's been super snuggly.  Must of been a fun & busy week with his brother, Oliver!

Saturday night out for Ms. LB's birthday was SO much fun!!  I failed to take a single picture the entire night except of me before walking out the door.

OOTN - You're so vain

It was fun to catch up with my old roomie - just love her!  It was definitely some fun girl time over nails, drinks, and dinner :)

Our Easter Sunday was wonderful as well!  We woke up early to get a small work out in before church, and then went to my brother's church, Warehouse.  It was a really wonderful service!  I am partial since Josh is the worship leader - but the music was just great - one of my favorite ways to praise Him!


No Easter baskets this year, no candy, or a big family lunch unfortunately.  But He is Risen indeed!

Sunday afternoon was our final walk through at {the house} so Lord willing and the water don't rise, by Wednesday this will all be a done deal!  I just can hardly believe it!!!

I took B to the airport Sunday afternoon to head back to Florida for the work week & then snuggled with my Easter snuggle bunny....

The workweek came back with a {sting} today.  Frankly, 530 am flat out sucked!  Just sayin....  And I'm in a weird work out funk from vacation and every day busyness (oh yeah, that's called life).  Yuck!  But I'm in the home stretch here.  Survival mode & the official end of the school year countdown starts today.

42 days!  I think I can?


Dee Stephens said...

42-days! That would be awesome! I'm in a funk too. Ready for Summer.

Dee Stephens said...

42-days! That would be awesome! I'm in a funk too. Ready for Summer.