Five on Friday

Time to link up again with April & Christina for Five on Friday!!

1 - My new schedule!
I'm getting into a good little groove every day going to the box!  If I'm coaching the early morning classes, I bring my breakfast with me, get my own workout in pretty early and have the afternoon to run errands, nap, or whatever.  If I'm not coaching early morning, I get to sleep til about 7 {glorious!}, make a smoothie to drink on the way in, and workout a little later in the day.  And I get to do my dream job. Definitely can't complain :)

2 - ModPaleo Meals - Yum!
CrossFit Pineville is a delivery site for a local meal delivery service, ModPaleo.  We don't profit anything from them as a box & I'm not getting paid to endorse them or anything, I'm just seriously loving their food right now!  Since I don't get home til about 830 or later most week nights, I don't have time to pull together a healthy {Paleo friendly} meal.  I order 5 meals a week from them.  It's delivered every Monday to the box & all I have to do is boil it or heat it in the microwave.  This is the perfect solution to the busy lifestyle I have right now!!  All of their food is local, organic, grass-fed/free range protein, etc.  And it's all SO good!!  They are a lifesaver!

3 - Surprise/unplanned visits from airport stranded cousins!
My cousin Erin was flying through Charlotte Tuesday night when her flight back home got cancelled due to weather.  She hopped in a rental car & came over for a sleep over!  We stayed up way to late chitchatting, but I hadn't seen her since Christmas so it was long overdue!!  I'm sorry her flight got cancelled, but not sorry it happened to strand her in Charlotte!

4 - Planned lunches with BFFs & family traveling through Charlotte!
One of my lifelong BFFs just moved into her brand new house!!  I stopped by Panera after leaving the box yesterday & brought lunch over to Ashley's gorgeous house!  We played with her sweet babies, I got the house tour & we got all caught up on life :)

Today, my aunt & grandmother are on their way back to VA from my parents house in GA.  They're pit-stopping through Charlotte so we're meeting for lunch!  It'll be short & sweet, but I'm so glad to see them, even if it's only an hour!

5 - A Friday afternoon nap!
Oh yes...a nap is calling  my name!  Even if it's only for an hour.

Happy weekend friends!!


DeAnna Stephens said...

I've had the stranded friend thing happen before!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

You are definitely living your dream with this new job. I'm incredibly happy for you!