Hello there!  Thought I'd pop in for a random life update since I can't seem to find a consistent groove for blogging these days!  Be warned...it's pretty random!

1 - Life has been ultra busy these past few weeks between school wrapping up, traveling to Michigan, death and new life, our Grand Opening, getting into a new routine... The list goes on! I think I'm finally getting into a new routine though & I'm loving it :)  I'll have to do a day in the life post one of these days!

2 - I'm now also blogging for CrossFit Pineville!  I started up a Wordpress blog for the box this past weekend crossfitpineville.wordpress.com  There's not a whole lot going on over there yet, but you should still check it out!  I think it looks pretty good!  Just sayin' :)

3 - Speaking of Wordpress, I'm thinking of switching over.  Has anyone done this before?  Thoughts? I guess with all this change in my life, I thought maybe a change on the blog could be good, too!

4 - And speaking of change....B & I purchased a new mattress this past weekend!  We bought a super comfy memory foam iComfort mattress.  I'm in heaven.

5 - We bought a new mattress because we bought a new bed!!

This beauty is scheduled to be delivered this Thursday!!!  I could squeal with excitement, in fact I most definitely will when it gets here!!  I'm planning to get new, crisp, white bedding for us, too!

6 - Since we got a new bed, we're moving our bed into the guest bedroom.  I'm probably just as excited, maybe a little more, to get the guest bedroom all set up!!  That seems really grown up to me, to have a guest bedroom.  Haha, I have really cute plans for it though, so I'm excited!!

7 - This guy is pretty much my little side kick...

He comes with me to the gym every day, we even brought his big crate from home (meaning it is out of my kitchen, good glory hallelujah!).

He gets to go on lots of car rides now every day and he loves it!!

Gotta have that wind in my hair!

Then he gets tired & takes naps at the gym...

It's tough being Berkley :)

8 - I finished cleaning out my room at school yesterday, so I'm really, really done now!  It's amazing how much crap stuff you can accumulate in 4 1/2 years of teaching!  I threw away so much, but I kept some good stuff, too.

9 - My parents were still in town over the weekend so I got to see my Dad Saturday and celebrate Father's Day a little bit!  It was also my brother Rob's 1st Father's Day as well as our BIL Casey's!  And the 7th one for my brother Josh.  So Happy Father's Day to all those wonderful men!!  So lucky to know them!

10 - I think I'm out of updates, but I like to end on even numbers :)


DeAnna Stephens said...

That's awesome that Berkley is now the gym dog!! Sounds like things are going fab!

Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

Love that bed!!! jealous!!!

Mariel said...

Very excited about your new gym! My friend's girlfriend just opened Crossfit Denver. It's a big commitment, but she is so happy she did it!

LuLu said...

That bed is amazing!!!