Berkley is 1!!

This guy turned a whole year old on Saturday!!!

Sadly, we didn't throw him a doggy party because we're bad fur parents just a teensy bit busy lately! Well that, and he's a dog so he doesnt really need a party! Haha, but we did buy him some yummy birthday treats, let him dig in the back yard, and sleep on the bed with us at night!

Not that he doesn't normally get to do those things anyway. Spoiled much?!

No way, not this pup! ;)

Berkley, you are our favorite dog in the whole wide world!! We're so glad you adopted us last year! You have the sweetest, friendliest, spunkiest personality, you're so stinkin' cute & we're so glad you're ours!!!

Here are some of my favorite pics form your first year...

Meeting your cat bro!

Floppy ear love

Dead dog

Floppy ears no more!!

Pure happiness :)

Our smiley dog!

In his Christmas sweater!

King of the hay!


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Berkley!!

Alexa said...

He's just so cute I can't even stand it! Happy birthday, big man! :)