Things that make me wonder...

Y'all....Kim & Kanye named their baby North.  North!  Their daughter's name is North West.  I mean, really!?  I thought this was a joke!  I just found out today this is in fact not a joke & is actually her name!!  I shouldn't be surprised anymore with weird celebrity baby names like Apple, Blue, Sunday.  But, alas, still I am surprised....and sorry for that poor girl!!

Please tell me how I'm supposed to beat these levels when I get down to just 7 moves left and then suddenly you tell me "No more moves possible" and switch it all up.  Well no wonder I haven't won since there were barely any moves for me to make!!  Come on Candy Crush, help a sista out!!

How did these 2 animals get so cute!?  And who let them think they can just sit all over the furniture!?!  PS - this is our new bed & bedding!!  I still need some light blue/teal accent pillows, big white shams for our Euro pillows, new lamp shades & curtains....but otherwise it's gorgeous, yes?  :)

Happy Tuesday friends!!


Annie said...

The last picture isn't showing up for me. But it could be my computer!

DeAnna Stephens said...

It's not showing for me either.