Officially official...

Welp...it's officially official!  Cat's out of the bag!  

My Ben cat :)

Today I told my school I will not be returning in the fall.

Starting Wednesday, I will be a full time trainer, office manager, marketing {and whatever else needs to be done} gal for CrossFit Pineville!!!  I'm sad and excited and thrilled and a little scared and super pumped and then a little sad again.  Basically, I'm a ball of emotion!

If you've been around here a while, you may remember this post I wrote last fall.  Suddenly, I feel like I'm a flip flopper and going back on everything I wrote in that post.  But I know in my head and my heart that's not true, I'm not flip flopping.

My principal summed it up well today when she said "You're not running from something, you're running to something."  At the end of the day, even with all the mess going on in the educational world - all the politics, low teacher moral, terrible pay, standardized testing, 21st century teaching, yada, yada, yada - I'd still be going back in the fall if CrossFit Pineville hadn't been born.

I was fortunate to work at a great school with great people and great kids!  And I will sincerely miss the people and kids!!!  But will I miss the mess and the stress?  No sir-ee bob! :)

So tomorrow, you may hear me squeal with glee as I leave the school building and I'll be doing my happy dance all the way to the box!  Haha

In non-box/CFP news...

Brandon and I finally got to meet our sweet baby nephew, Weston, in Michigan this past week!

He is the cutest little man!!  And feisty!  So glad we could meet him before he was walking and speaking in full sentences!

And our sweet new little niece, Scarlett, was born yesterday!!

Born June 9th at 3:20am, 6 lbs 14 oz, 19.5 in long.  She's a little peanut!

And a doll baby!  I can't wait to get my hands back on her!!

These baby nieces and nephews give me fever....

But then I remember how I like sleeping through the night so we'll wait just a bit longer ;)

Happy day friends!


DeAnna Stephens said...

EXCITING!!!!!! More time for yourself! :-) Congrats!

Rachel said...

I am so so happy for you!! I know just how HARD the realities of teaching are right now, and I totally get what you're saying about the flip flopping. You can be passionate about something, but still walk away from it. I know the CF gym is already doing so well, and I know it will only continue to get better. Congrats my friend :)

(And what CUTE babies!!)

Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

Congrats and what an exciting journey you are on!! And those babes make my ovaries hurt. ouch!

Not So Newlyweds said...

YAY! That's wonderful! Congrats!!

Mindy said...

Congrats on getting OUT of the madness!!!! So excited (and jeally) for you!!! Ps-does this mean there's an opening at your school? Wink, wink :)