Five on Friday

Happy Friday y'all!!

1 - Clearly I love link ups!  Nothing wrong with 2 in one week if you as me ;)  And it's important to always count your blessings, so I'm loving listing my fav things for the week!

2 - Today is the official start of summer & the longest day of the year!!  We're celebrating by catching a few rays in between classes at the box today & maybe a little happy hour on our patio later.  Pretty close to perfect minus some type of body of water {preferably a lake or ocean, but sadly neither are in our back yard!}!

3 - Instagram has video!!

I saw this picture yesterday on Instagram and was thoroughly amused!  I couldn't really get into vine!  I just couldn't wrap my head around another form of social media to use.  But I can definitely get into some video on Instagram!!  It's one of my fav forms of social media to begin with, I think video will be fun.  

And Vine, let's be honest...you just got blocked.

4 - This is our first weekend in a while with no real commitments or plans!!  After classes at the box & working out tomorrow, we'll probably hang in the back yard for a bit.  Then we've made loose plans for a little shopping {new bed = new bedding!} and an at home Paleo pizza/movie night.  Sign me up!

5 - 90s Pop Radio on Pandora.  Go add this station immediately!  How could you not love a little Third Eye Blind, Sugar Ray, Britney, Will Smith, Mariah, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hanson....the list goes on & only gets better!  Such good jams!!!

What's your Five on Friday!?  Cheers!


Annie said...

Sounds like you all have the perfect weekend planned!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

I'm so excited about Instagram's video feature but I'm scared to use it, HA! I was used to the small clips that Vine had, and all of the sudden, 15 seconds just seems so LONG to commit to! Am I crazy?!