Weekend Recap & Randos

We had an ABSOLUTE blast at the beach this weekend celebrating my friend Alex!!  Our house was incredible!  It made me wanna sell all my belongings and become a beach bum.  I so would if I could!

Alex has the sweetest friends and the best sisters!  It was so fun to meet all of them!!  If you're a female, you can relate to this I'm sure - sometimes groups of girls can be catty and judgmental a little mean, ahem.  But not these girls!  They were all so sweet and I would definitely want them to be my friends, too, so I see why Alex is their friend :)

Here are just a few pictures from the weekend.  Not all the best pics were on my camera :( so these are a few off mine and until I can steal some off facebook.

Friday night fun at the beach house!!
Saturday - beach and out we went :)
I was the only married gal there, although Alex, Dana, and Courtney are right behind me, in that order.  All of Alex's friends are from the north and it was pretty funny how most of the southern girls were engaged/married and none of the northern girls were.  As you can see Lisa, above, has the most blinging ring of all of us (ha, the light up, battery operated kind :)  But her time will come!

Saturday night the group had dinner at Poogan's Porch in downtown Charleston! Oh my word the food was wonderful and our waiter had the cutest southern accent *ever*!!  The northern ladies were swoonin' over him and needless to say we were wrapped around his little finger ;)  From there we went out and a dance party ensued, although my feet were killin' me (dang heels!!) and I somewhat danced from my chair, haha.

And some Tuesday randos for ya:
-School today nearly killed me!  I'm soooo over testing and I know my kids are too! Frankly, its driving me to eat chocolate :(  this is no good for my weekend plans in which I will be wearing a bathing suit.  Ha!

-I'm only 2 sketches into SNL from this past Saturday on Hulu and I've nearly peed my pants laughing already!!  Too tired to finish it tonight, but I can't wait. Justin Timberlake was the host and in my opinion he is an extremely good looking actor & HILARIOUS!!  His comedic timing = impeccable.  I think I would just like to be his friend, I know he'd keep me rolling!

-I saw an ant on my couch while writing this and I've been SO itchy ever since. I'm sure he was an isolated little guy (better be), not sure how he got in here, but I just feel like they're crawling all over me now!

-Going to Target on Wednesday is apparently my new thing.  I think I've been to Target on a Wednesday each week for the past month.  And guess we're am I headed tomorrow?  Target!  My weekly run, gotta get the necessities :)

-I think all my friends should be on twitter.  #justsayin  My cousin Ashley is on twitter now and a few of my friends are!  I also follow a lot of the people whose blogs I read and I just think its fun!  I may even like it better than facebook!  So get on twitter if you ain't!

Almost over the hump!  Sweet dreamin' y'all!

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