Confession Friday: 'Tis the season...

...to be busy, fa la la la la la la la la!!!  (Yes I counted out the correct amount of la's - obviously!)  But I could never be too busy to blog.  Priorities, duh.

I've done a confession post before here, and they're pretty fun!  Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition has been doing them for a while and decided to make them a weekly Friday link up, so today & from time to time in the future you may just be reading some Friday confessions from me :)

Here we go:

1. This week flat out exhausted me!  I've stayed up way too late, but all in the name of holiday hustle and bustle!  And in hindsight, I don't regret it!

2. Wednesday night I was up til 1120 wrapping presents (oh wrapping how I hate you!).  Some of B's presents had arrived and I had to get them wrapped before he came home Thursday.  But I couldn't just wrap his cause then he'd know their size and shape, so I had to wrap a lot!

This is progress my friends!
Please pardon the littler box and fan in the background :)

3. I found this pic on Pintrest and boy does it get my rear in gear!

This is a busy time of year for everyone with holiday parties & trips & eating!! Oh the yummy eating!  So all the more reason to not fall off the band wagon.  Gotta make time to keep in shape!

This is my typical view from the treadmill at my gym.  Not too shabby huh!?  Could be worse.  Since daylight savings started, my view is usually the lit up skyline, but I managed to get a daytime pic this week :)  The pole sticking down is part of the contraption that holds the TV hanging form the ceiling, whoops.

4. I signed up a few weeks ago for a blogger ornament exchange through Faith's blog!  I was paired up with Mia and received some cute sparkle to add to my tree :)

5. Speaking of sparkle, there's been quite a trend lately to add some sparkle to a nail or two.  As it turns out, my friend Andrea and I are always head of the trends and must have started it this past New Year's!

You can't actually tell we have sparkle on our ring fingers, but we do!

Here's my finished product today!  Now I'm definitely ready for B's work Christmas party!!  Sparkle is fun!

6. We have to leave in 5 minutes for the airport to jet set to Michigan for B's party, so after only 5 confessions, I gotta run!!

Happy Weekend friends!!!!


Mia Maree said...

oooo the butterfly turned out soooo pretty!!

lori said...

loving the sparkle! and im hating wrapping presents, too! i have a whole stack waiting to be wrapped tonight.

and what a fun blog swap!

CJA said...

LOVE! found your blog on link up , im your new follower :) would love a follow back , www.buildinganewhive.blogspot.com