Meet Berkley!

After making Thai Chicken Pizza & watching the Olympic opening ceremonies with a few beverages Friday night, enjoying one last night of really good sleep, and a good workout, B and I finally went to pick up Berkley!!!

And if you follow Brandon or me on Instagram or Facebook, you've probably seen most of these... 

So without further adieu, meet the newest fur baby of our family!

Berkley Shuck

His ride home was interesting, but no one was peed on, so that's a success :)

In the driver's seat!

Riding on the console, perfect size

Attempting to get a picture with a squirmy puppy is...difficult! Ha

Meeting his big brother :)

Big brother showing Berkley who's boss!


Being a puppy's hard work!

He's decided this toy of Benson's is now his...which is only ok because Ben never really liked that toy! ;)

Being cute!!

It's been a pretty smooth transition!  B and I sat around the rest of the weekend watching a lot of Olympics, laughing at the entertainment that Berkley & Benson provided, and falling in puppy love!

So far, Berkley loves his crate during the day time when we leave the door open and cries less and less each time he's put in it at night.  He wakes only once a night to go out and there have been less accidents inside than successes outside :)

He's a handful and so fun!  He plays hard and then takes a big ol' nap without fail.  He has razor sharp claws which are getting trimmed at the vet today and I'm secretly hoping his ears never totally perk and stay semi floppy forever!

Thankfully Ben still sleeps right on my pillow and although he's a little standoffish, I think he & Berkley will be BFFs (or at least I'm hoping!)!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!  Happy Monday friends :)


Dee Stephens said...

That's great that you're crate training. Best thing ever! I had Buddy in a crate for a year and half.
Some people think that it is mean but it's not.
He's a cutie!!! Take tons of pictures b/c they grow up fast!

Jen said...

He is super cute!
We had to move our pups crates to our bedroom since they cried ALL NIGHT LONG when they were little.
Can't wait to see more of your fur babies.

Annie said...

Super cute!

HRo said...

So cute! Love your new baby!!

Meredith said...

He is the cutest darn thing I have ever seen! I'm so glad crate training is going well for you...I do not miss potty training pups at all!

Chic Runner said...

He is adorable! We crate trained George and it made everything so easy :) Glad him and Benson are getting along :)