My Summer "To Do" List

So I think I'm a pretty laid back person.  I tend to go with the flow and want to please the group.  But that might be where my Type B personality traits end.  :) Ha, I am a planner to the T and I love, love, love lists.  Like really!  On my phone I have a list for every day of the week so at any time I can add things to that day that I need to accomplish.  I have a list for my monthly bills, the grocery store, Target, songs to download, blog ideas, restaurants to try, etc, etc.

Today I started tackling my summer to do list and I was able to cross off 2 things!  

1- I was able to clean out my drawers in our dresser as well as go through all my clothes in the closet and get rid of some stuff.  Nothing like spring cleaning in the summa time!!

2- I also listed my wedding gown for sale on Craigslist.  :(  This kind of makes me sad because I LOVED my wedding dress!!!

PS - Happy Father's Day to my sweet, sweet Daddy walking me down the aisle in this pic!   He's the best and I still look up to him and love him so much!!
I realize some women might read this and their mouths would drop open or start hyperventilating, but to me, its just a dress after all.  Its hanging in my grandmother's closet.  I'll never wear it again.  My possible daughter, if I'm luckily enough to have one, might want to wear it one day (I mean it was gorgeous, no!?), but then again she'll most likely want her "own" dress for her special day. So I'm sellin' it!!  If someone will buy it that is.  If you know anyone in the market, tell 'em to go HERE.

A few other things on my to do list this summer include....

3- Print and frame our favorite wedding pictures.  We created a Shutterfly photo book of our wedding pics from the rehearsal dinner to us leaving the reception, and we've printed just a few for grandparents and parents as gifts, but we have absolutely NONE printed for ourselves or framed in our apartment.  I need to change this!

4- Create CDs of wedding pics for our family.  I know different members of our family would enjoy pictures from the wedding of their family so I want to compile a few for them.  Its not every day your fam is all dressed up with a professional photog around!

5- Find some art work for above our bed.  One wall in our bedroom has a large window on it, so that wall's taken care of.  Another has the TV mounted on the wall as well as little sqaure holes that I filled in with cardboard covered in brown cloth.  Another has our dresser with candles and a framed picture.  Above our bed...nada.  Plain and boring so I am looking to add a little life to it!

6- Buy a hamper.  Ha, this one sounds funny, but B and I still have our own hampers from our single lives so we have in our closet 2 hampers on the floor taking up room.  This is a hamper too many in my opinion, although Brandon doesn't really care.  Benson also likes to scratch on a wicker drawer thing we have in the living room so our hamper cannot be wicker much to my dismay :(  But I will find one that works!

Two anniversary shout outs today!

Happy 2 year anniversary to my brother Rob and his wife Gale!!  Love these two! They compliment each other so well and are just so fun to be around!

And happy 7 months to you, B!!  Sometimes it seems longer (not in a bad way!), but sometimes it seems like yesterday :)  7 months and going strong as he put it, haha!

This was Brandon and I two years ago today at Rob and Gale's Wedding!  B caught the garter and a family friend leaned over to my mom and said, "So, same time next year?"  Haha, a year and 5 months later actually :)  but he wasn't far off!

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