Weekend Bliss

Weekends are pretty much my favorite....whether durning the school year or not.  It just seems like all the most fun things happen on weekends!

Friday was our usual...we worked out, grilled & watched a movie :)  Perfect Friday night date night at home!  We watched Lincoln Lawyer.

Have you seen it?  If not....go rent it!  Awesome movie!!  I loved it.  It was first a Michael Connelly book, too, so you could read it if you fancy.

Saturday was lots of fun....my friends Dana & Alex got married!  I blogged about Dana's bachelorette party a few weeks back.  I met my friend Courtney for a quick work out Saturday mornings, then we took some flowers to Dana's reception venue for her so she could get all dolled up!

B & I sweated it out at the pool, then it was time to get all dolled up ourselves.  We clean up alright I think!

The ceremony was great & B did a good job of taking pictures!  I teared up as usual....I just love a good wedding!!

Might be my favorite!  Sweet glance :)
What a good first kiss!! 

The fun continued at the reception!  There was good food, good friends, and good dancing!

Me & Court
Lisa being...well herself!!  Ha
A good one of me & Lisa :) and Lane in the background, haha 
Lisa & Steve
I specifically wanted to take a cute picture of Brandon & I all dressed up, but we forgot!  I think Courtney took one of us at our table so I'll have to steal that one from her.  Dana & Alex also had a photobooth!

Too much fun!  As you can see... :)

Sunday was filled with lots of procrastination & laziness as well as some packing there at the end!  We dropped Benny off at my bro & SIL's and this morning I became a back-seat-tag-along-salesman's-wife :)  Let's just say I'm very thankful for mobil hot spots & pinterest!  But more on that later...

Here's to August!

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lkm said...

My mom and ashley both loved Lincoln Lawyer! I guess I'll have to rent it now! 3 for 3 :)