Confession Friday: Christmas Edition

It's that time again friends....I have a few Christmas confessions to make so no better time than the present....

1. Brandon & I went ahead and opened our gifts to each other this morning!!!  Oops!  Hah, this is our 3rd Christmas together & we've yet to wait until Christmas to open our gifts with each other!

We'll be with ALL my family this Christmas and it just seems like a lot of pressure to open gifts from one another in front of a crowd.  We didn't get each other anything private, but wanted it to be special and just us.

Look what was hiding under our tree with my name on it!!!!!

Finally!!!  My KitchenAid mixer!!

If you remember this post, I've been wanting a mixer for a while!  Pretty sure I was squealing once I opened it :)

And the cake stand I've been wanting!!!

This was another gift on our registry we never got, but I had been wanting!  Santa did good this year don't ya think!?!

2. I made Mini Chocolate Chip & M&M cookies yesterday!  Don't they look great in the stand above?!?

Pretty sure I ate more of the dough than got cooked.  Soo good!

3. In the midst of all the Christmas shopping I did, I usually walked away with one or two things for myself in addition.  Big oops!!  This happened most recently on a trip to Target...

Exhibit A

And exhibit B

In my defense, it's nearly impossible to not browse the clothing section of Target upon entry.  And this sweater is cute!

4. Speaking of getting things for myself...

These beauties came from Crate & Barrel.  The pictures don't do them justice, but they're gorgeous!  I went in to purchase a gift card & noticed all the ornaments were on sale!  Who can resist a sale?  Not I!  So I nabbed all 3 of these for less than 8 bucks!  I don't know where you're from, but I call that a steal ;)

5. Speaking of our Christmas tree....I just love our Christmas Tree!  It's so pretty, twinkling and sparkling all lit up at night.  Even Benson enjoys it's beauty.

But I'd be a big fat liar if I said I'll be sad to see it go!  Only because the little monster pictured above thinks the tree, it's ornaments, and the presents & bows beneath are his play toys!!

It's like a game: Benson runs and plays in the presents/tree, we yell at/chase him away, Ben runs away, we sit down.  REPEAT!!!  I'm over it!

6. Our tree is looking a little bare underneath since we opened our gifts for each other already.  Guess the big boxes were ours!

7. We've yet to watch Elf this Christmas season.  I'm so sad about this!  I normally watch it about 3 or 12 times.  This will be changed by tomorrow, at the latest!

8. I look forward to seeing what's inside my stocking as much as I look forward to opening gifts!  The stocking is such a fun tease, too, because you can see your gifts peeking out!

9. We don't have children, obviously, but I know there's often a debate on no-Santa vs. Santa.  A friend tweeted this link the other day and I just loved this post!  So yes, we still believe and we will be having Santa in our house one day!

10. Most of my family is either already here or on the way and I'm so excited to see them!!!  They're really the best part of Christmas (well next to Jesus of course!)!!  The festivities begin this afternoon with a fun girly outing to get our nails painted and then dinner with the whole family!!

11. I hope you get to spend your Christmas with all of your loved ones!!  <----That wasn't really a confession, just going with the number thing!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve friends!!!

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