Weekend Update & Counting Down

If you read my last post, you saw that I left in a whirlwind to head to the airport for Michigan!  Literally I pressed publish & linked up to Leslie's blog, grabbed my shoes and jacket and walked out the door - just to have our flight delayed.  Of course!!  But we made our connector & landed in Grand Rapids at about 10 pm.

We'd planned to stay with Brandon's sister & brother-in-law, but Ashley called Friday morning to inform him they had the stomach flu all last week, complete with 2 separate trips to the ER for some fluids!  No thanks - so we opted out of staying with them & stayed in downtown GR.

B texted his best friend from back home, Jordan, while on our layover just to see what he was up to.  Turns out he was headed out to grab a few drinks with friends at a bar very near our hotel.....so we decided to pop in & surprise him!!

I wish you could've seen the look on Jordo's face!  He said he kind of saw me from afar walking in and literally got his phone out to text Brandon "your wife's twin is here!"  And then he realized it was really us!

Surprises are fun!  We had a good time out and it was fun to see some of Brandon's friends while in town, since we didn't originally think we'd be able to!

Saturday morning we slept in and later met B's mom for lunch!  We had a great lunch catching up & then went to check our her new apartment!  Ashley & Casey (B's sis & BIL) recently bought Brandon's mom's house/barn so she's downsized a bit and I'm glad we finally got to see her place!

Afterwards we headed over to Ashley & Casey's to check out the renovations they've started on their house & to place a headstone where they buried Brandon & Ashley's sweet dog, Cody.  They had to put Cody down Thanksgiving day due to a tumor :(

It was super sad (on Thanksgiving no less!)!  Cody was 11 and is just irreplaceable!  He was a gentle giant and the sweetest BIG thing you'd ever meet!  He will definitely be missed!!

After a short visit with Ashley & Casey we were off to B's work Christmas party!  It was about an hour and half away at the Double JJ Ranch - where his company also had the summer party we went to!

This was our cute cabin for the night on the ranch!

All dressed up for the par-tay!

Some of the karaoke fun!

The party was lots of fun, B works with a lot of great people!!  They had fun little games planned as well as karaoke!  Each department had to sing a song decided for them.  The outside salesmen (B's group) & their significant others sang "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause".  Embarrassing & fun all wrapped into one :)

Sunday morning, we left bright and early to catch our flight.  As I mentioned before, we have the worst flying luck!!!

I posted about our flying woes this summer when coming back from the summer party (in the same link from above) and this trip back was no different!! At least Delta's consistent, right!?!

We were delayed, then re-routed due to the delay & the likelihood of missing our connector, and then finally home about 4 instead of 1!  Unfortunately our bags were not home :(  They got in about 9pm Sunday night so we made the second trip of the day to the airport to grab our bags.

Needless to say, it was a loooong day.  And before we knew it, it was Monday.  

Fortunately though - B was actually home last night :)  We worked out, cooked dinner together, watched some of our shows, & did laundry!  It was a lovely little week night!

This week is super exciting!!

It's the last full week of school before Christmas break!  I'm down to 3 days with the kiddos, Friday is pajama day, & 2 teacher workdays next week!

I'm also super excited for Sunday!  Rachel has put together a Charlotte/Charlotte area Blogger Ornament Exchange!  I can't wait to give & get a beautiful ornament and to meet some sweet bloggers in person!!  My first blogger meet up :)

And, just 12 days left until Christmas!!!!  Ahhh.....I must finish my shopping & all the dreaded wrapping this weekend!!  Or at least that's the goal, may not be truly finished til school's out ;)

Lastly, I leave you with all the wonderful Christmas cards we've received so far this year!  I just love them all!

Tomorrow I'll share ours :)


CJA said...

love dressing up for parties! you all are so cute!

Ashley said...

I LOOOOOOVE that card display! Where did you get that? And seriously, if I hear another story of y'all having flight issues, I might just die laughing. Is this real life?!! I can't believe how much trouble y'all have when you fly! Glad you had fun, though!