Fun Little Weekend

We had a super fun weekend over here!!  Why can't they just be a little longer....!?!

Friday night, once a few friends got in town we walked a block up to a gem of a local bar that we'd seen, but never tried out!  It's called Corner Pub (appropriately so) on the corner of Graham and 7th St and its your perfect friendly neighborhood bar.  The boys played some darts, we had a few drinks and planned a ski trip for February, haha!  Corner Pub, we will definitely be coming back!

Before heading to the tailgate Saturday, we grabbed a family lunch for my grandmother's 78th birthday coming up this Wednesday!  We got some delicious Mexican and just before noon this happened....

Mmmm!  Getting tailgate ready :)


Obviously, sombreros are WAY fun!! :)

After lunch, we added another layer or two and headed to the tailgate!!  Except for the extremely unfortunate porta-potty lines (and leaving my camera on the kitchen counter!  Come on, are you really surprised!?), the tailgate was a blast!!!

Aaron & Justin

These are some of my MOST favorite people, y'all!!!  (Minus, Justin, where were you!?)
Seriously though, these friendships make me so happy!!!

Ladies :)

Hunter & I in the dreadful potty line (with old man Clemson in the background! Ha)

Time for the turtle furr to come out :)

Duke Tower (Sadly with non VT colors)

We scalped some pretty good seats, club level!  Unfortunately, it was not a Hokie win this year.  And I cannot tell a lie, we didn't stay to see that end result.  But win or lose, it was still a fun experience and so great to spend time with friends!!

Sunday, we kissed our friends goodbye and were thankful we weren't the ones driving :) haha!  We love having a full house apartment and having friends visit, but we couldn't help but dream of having a full HOUSE one day with more than one bathroom and actual doors!  (We live in a lofty style apartment, so doors are....not so much there!)

We spent some time on the couch and snuggled with this sweet thing while attempting to mentally prepare for another week.

I don't think I did a very good job of mentally preparing as I laid wide awake at 440 waiting for my alarm in less than an hour....yuck!

1 day down though, 4 days to go for the week!  And 11 work days til Christmas break!!  I think I can....

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Ashley said...

That looks like so much fun! So glad y'all got to go! That does sound like a fun little weekend. : )