A Girl Can Dream...


Thank you, thank you to all the Veteran's who have served and all those currently serving!  I am forever grateful and indebted to you!!

I'm so thankful for my freedom and all the sacrifices our soldiers and their families have made, but I'm also REALLY thankful....

....for a day off!!  :)

In between a laundry list of chores and cleaning, the Today Show, The View, etc.....I plan to paint my toe nails and do a little online Christmas shopping!! Well more like browsing....

My mom, Brandon, Brandon's family, my family....they've all asked what I want for Christmas.  And I keep saying "I don't really know...I don't know what I want."  But as I've been browsing today, I've realized not knowing what I want is not actually the problem.

You see there are actually a lot of things I want.....

but the problem is home girl has Champagne taste and a beer budget.  =(

Haha, I can find TONS of things I want, but they're all, ahem, hundreds of dollars, rather expensive and irrational requests for Christmas gifts.

But a girl can dream, so just for fun, here is....

My Champagne Christmas List

A KitchenAid Stand Mixer

I could whip up some fabulous things with this bad boy!  It was on our wedding registry, but sadly, never got bought :(

The Dyson Animal Vacuum

Do you know the insane amounts of Benson hair (and Michelle hair, I shed SO much!) I could pick up with this sucker!?!  
I don't.  :(  But I'd love to try!

A Louis Vuitton Bag

I told Brandon if anyone ever offers him a free Louis Vuitton Bag tell them the Speedy 35 or Galleria GM would look fabulous on his wife's arm!!  This gift alone will require a large savings fund :) no, really!

A Gorgeous Fall/Winter Blazer

I've been wanting a good blazer to add as a staple to my wardrobe.  These beauties are from Banana Republic.

A David Yurman Ring

Oh David, how I would love to wear you.  Every day.  As a beautiful addition to my lonely right hand.  The left hand gets the weddings rings, the right hand needs some love, too right!?

Ok I'm getting carried away.  MUST. STOP. NOW.  I'm off to finish more chores before this list starts to cost more than our entire house fund ;)

Happy Friday friends!!!

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