Midweek Randomocity

I have an overflow of randomocity going on in this brain of mine lately....so be warned...I'm about to dump it all out!!  :)

1 - I've come to the realization that I'm in a big running funk right now.  I just can't seem to shake it!  Every run, whether it's 2 miles or 6 miles, feels like I'm running up hill both ways, in the snow, with weights around my ankles (ok now I'm exaggerating!), but for real every run seems hard lately!  Like way harder than normal!  I don't know what it is....but this seems to happen every few months and my work outs had been going really well lately so I guess I was over due!?

I get pretty discouraged during these funks, but what can ya do!?  Just like anything else, this too shall pass and I'm gonna keep on keepin' on...

....and I'm gonna keep telling that lying sl*t to shut it!! ;)

2 - Speaking of my running funk, any time Turn Me On by David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj came blaring through my headphones these past few days I found myself running a little faster and a littler harder!  It's pretty much the perfect running song and will get your rear in gear!  Fo' reals (yep, I just said that!)

3 - Speaking of perfect running songs (look at all these great segues going on in my brain!?), I'm currently developing a new bumping 5K playlist!  We'll be running a 5K 2 weeks from this Saturday (this will be my 5th year to run this same race, so now it's tradition!) and I need some bumping, upbeat, popping music to run to. I've brought down my time each year in this race, so this year is no exception!  Mas rapido!!  I'll post the playlist once it's finished.

4 - Obviously, I'm a woman of many talents, I speak un poquito of Spanish!!  Actually, I don't, at all.....I just googled how to say "a little bit" in Spanish :)

5 - I've run out of good segues.....so anyways....I drove to the gym today with my windows down!  Did ya catch that!?  On January 25th I had my windows down, sunglasses on, enjoying the breeze on my drive!!  This is winter right!?

6 - I am not complaining though at all!  If it's not going to snow, then I see no need for cold weather.  I'm over winter....let's just move onto spring!!  All in favor?

7 - Work is overly stressful lately.  I know, everyone's job is stressful, but I just need to whine for 3.5 seconds. Sometimes I feel like I'm just treading water in order to have all of my plans together for even just the next day, let alone next week or the week after.  Sometimes it seems I just can't get ahead.  And that is this week.

8 - So I've been drinking regular shots of this....

....and taking lots of deep breaths.  It's all I can do.  My 3.5 seconds is up - pity party ova!

9 - Aside from work stress, life is pretty good so I shall not complain :)  I am thankful tomorrow's Thursday! That means my man comes home & we're taking his colleague who's been traveling with him this week out for some Mexican and showing him a bit of downtown Charlotte!  Thursdays also bring good Thursday night TV (Grey's & Private Practice!) and Friday - so who doesn't love that!?

10 - Friday night, we'll be putting a wedding gift to use - we finally seasoned our steel wok that we received as a wedding gift (yes, 14 months later!) and I'll be trying out Classic Annie's Pad Thai recipe!!  I'm super excited cause I love me some thai food :)  Hopefully, I can make it taste just like Basil!

We're over the hump y'all....it's all down here from here :)

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Erin said...

Please make sure you post that playlist!! I'm always looking for good work out songs!! So sorry work is stressful :( Hoping it gets better soon!