NYE & 2011 in Review

We had a fun little NYE this year & got to catch up with some good friends!  Our friends decided to have a house party which is just the good time we were looking for!  We were not interested in spending a small fortune to go out downtown or fighting the crowds that would be out.

So good food, good friends, and low key was the perfect way to end the year :)

Decked out in some sparkles! - Sadly one of the only pics we took :(
Please do pardon Brandon's creepy eyes!!  For the life of me, I couldn't correct them!
Chasey Lane with her party hat on!!

I've loved reading every one's recaps of 2011!  I pretty much did a review of the year in our anniversary post so I didn't want to re-blog what's already been blogged :)  But I did want to add a few highlights from the year that weren't included!

In January we got our sweet snuggle bunny - Benson!  He's a sweet thang with quite a 
personality!  He keeps me company when B's on the road and provides us plenty of 
entertainment!  He was definitely a highlight of the year!

In March I started this here blog!  I've so enjoyed having a little online journal of our life!  I know it will be a great way to kind of "store" my memories and I've met some wonderful fellow bloggers along the way :)

Over the year, I went to 3 different bachelorette parties & we went to 3 friends' weddings!  Tis the season of our life I guess...all our friends are getting married!  Such a fun season though :)

Alex's Bachelorette at the Beach!
Dana's Bachelorette in the Mountains!

Back to back wedding weekends this fall - First Erin & David, then Ryan & Kelly!  
There was lots of fun and lots of dancing :)

I also....

...got my iPhone!  Man I love this thing.  It's probably actually unhealthy.  We're attached...and...

...I went on my first helicopter ride!!

2011 was definitely a great year with many blessings!!  Among other things - we enjoyed vacations with loved ones, time with our families, birthdays, & we celebrated 1 whole year of marriage!  We learned how to fight and how to make up :)  We learned how to have fun date nights and make decisions together.  It was a good year.

That being said, I'm always excited for a new year and what it may hold!  I'm so looking forward to fulfilling my Matron of Honor duties & celebrating my cousin Erin's wedding to her best friend.  I'm excited to go on a Cruise with my husband that he definitely earned.  I can't wait for more sweet time with the people that mean the world to me and fill this heart up.

I'm not really one much for resolutions.  I think I used to be, but realized they're always kind of the same - we do have a few goals for the year (and the next years in general) as well as some dreams, too :)

So here's to hoping that 2012 brings us:

1 - a house!!  We're just beginning to start this process...more on that later!

2 - good health!  Maybe more eating in and cooking for ourselves and less eating out.

3 - a half marathon.  (This one gets no exclamation point.)  I feel like this is my year...I'm gonna do it.

4 - meaningful time spent with one another!  Less time on my computer & phone when Brandon's home and more time engaged with him :)

5 - meaningful time spent with family and friends!  This one should be easy and fun!

6 - meaningful time spent in the Word!  We started a new devotional together and we need to find a church home.

Happy, happy new year friends!  May it be a blessed year for you all and may your cup be filled and runneth over this year :)


Annie said...

Please run the Nashville half with us on April 28th!!

Kirsten- The Foreign Domestic said...

It sounds like you had a great year and have great goals for 2012! I love your blog--I'm your newest follower :).