Sick Day

I got home from the gym last night - after working out through some stomach cramps that had developed - oops - and things just went downhill!  Apparently I have some sort of stomach MONSTER!

I ate a little bit of dinner, but my stomach cramps got worse and I just felt terrible.  I saw every hour on the clock last night and was up from 2-4.  I'll spare you the details, but at about 330 after walking to the vending machine to get a sprite I knew it was time to call in for a sick day.

I'm feeling weak, but I think the worst is over!  I hate to miss school, especially when I know a sub didn't pick up for me today :(  but I know there's no way I could function today, nor would anyone want me there!  No sense in spreading it around!!

My day has consisted of naps, TV, twitter, sprite, Facebook, naps, a slice of toast, blog reading, oyster crackers, sprite, naps, magazine reading, and my bed.  This has been my view most recently...

Ben's doing a great job of taking care of me biting my computer!  So sweet and thoughtful.  Maybe I'll move to the couch here soon just for a change of scenery!

Being sick's the pits, so here's hoping I'm over this soon & that none of you catch anything this cold & flu season!!


CJA said...

oh girl feel better!! ill say a prayer for ya!

Annie said...

I hope you're feeling better soon! Being sick is just awful. It stinks too that you didn't get a sub! I work for PESG in MI and I know one of their goals this year has been to get a sub in for every absent teacher. I didn't know before I heard that that teachers didn't always get subs when they were absent. I went to a pretty good district so my teachers never had that problem!