Wordless Wednesday

Ok, well I lied!  Not completely wordless.  You know me (or maybe you don't! - but if you did, you'd know), I'm hardly ever without any words!  This might quite possibly be the silliest post I've ever done/will ever do (well, never say never), but I couldn't resist!

This past Friday night while out (at a bar) with friends, my friend Kelly mentioned an app called CamWow on her iPhone.  I, of course, immediately downloaded it.  Literally, playing with this app was pretty much all we did the rest of the night.  We were the weirdos at the bar playing on my phone :)  The boys kept taking it from me!  

The fun with this app continued all weekend!  If you have an iPhone - go download this app RIGHT NOW!!

If you have to pee...please do so before viewing these pictures :)  You've been warned!!


The inbred Brady Bunch ;)

Did you pee your pants laughing!?!  Cause I almost do every time I look at these again!!

Happy hump day friends!!

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