Playing Catch-Up

Well hello there sweet little blog of mine!  I've somewhat neglected you this past week :(  But that's life right!?  Busy, busy!

Thankfully, my stomach monster only lasted about 24 hours and I was feeling MUCH better by Tuesday night. I went to school Wednesday, still just feeling a little weak, and by Thursday I felt 100% again!  And good thing cause we had fun weekend plans for a night out and then some football!!


Our friends, Justin & Andrea are doing the whole long distance thing at the moment, so Justin wanted to surprise Andrea by coming in to town this weekend!  I called her last weekend and mentioned having a "girls night" this Friday to make sure she'd be in for a Friday night surprise!!

By the time she got to our place, Justin was already here and he went down to let her in the building!  She was very surprised to say the least!!  We had 8 o'clock reservations at Aria, an amazing Tuscan Grill we stumbled upon one Saturday Night in November, for the 4 of us and 2 other couple friends!

After dinner we walked over to Carolina Ale House, a great sports bar that just opened for a few after dinner drinks.  It was definitely a fun night out!!  Our camera has been sent off to be fixed, so the only pics I got were via my iPhone.

Andrea & I 
All the ladies - Andrea, Kelly
Ashley, Me
The boys were there, just no pics of them.  Haha

Saturday morning consisted of a lot of laying around, and then we headed over to Andrea's place for a kitty play date, football & some homemade Mexican - yum!!  How can you go wrong with any of that!?

I was pulling for the Saints simply because I'm a fan of Drew Brees and I was pulling for Tebow - because how could you not want him to win?!  Sadly, neither of those boys could pull out the W....but I'm not near as invested in their teams as if it were my own.  I just hope the Patriots don't make it to the Super Bowl - yuck!!

Sunday was lazy, aside from our workout, and that was just perfect!  We ate left overs, laid on the couch, and watched the tube.  Another reason Sunday was so perfect is because I didn't have to prepare for school the next day!  Thank you MLK Jr day!!  B was definitely jealous as his alarm went off at 6:50 this am, but he'll be in Daytona Beach by tomorrow night, so his week won't be too rough!

I was rather productive today - completed some errands, worked on some party planning details, worked out, & got coffee with Ashley & Rachel.

No hate for Monday this week!!

If you had today off - happy 4 day work week to us!!  And if you didn't - congrats, you survived Monday!

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Ashley said...

So glad we got to get coffee! Let's do it again soon. I miss you! Sounds like such a fun weekend!