1 - Lately, I've had some new followers join my blog!  So hello & welcome!  Hope you're enjoying my humble little corner of the internet :)  I'm doing my best to check out each of your blogs and "get to know" each of you a bit (slowly, but surely), so again welcome!

2 - Lately, we've been spending other people's $$ - and it's lots of fun!!  We got several gift cards for Christmas, lots to Target, Dick's, World Market, etc.  So here are a few of our purchases...

Our new matching lamps for our bedside tables (since I finally got one!)
The lamp shade looks grey - its more of a khaki really with the brown thread!
We are loving them :)

New work out clothes!!  I don't know about y'all, but having new workout clothes sure motivates me to get to the gym!  Brandon and I were both able to pick up some new gym essentials on someone else's dime :)  Way more enjoyable then buying it with your own dough!!

3 - Lately, we've been trying to spend less of our own money!  I wouldn't say I'm a shopaholic, but typically if I see a cute shirt for a reasonable price, great earrings, a scarf I can't live without, I'll just go ahead and get it for myself!  Ha, fortunately, this hasn't been breaking the bank, but since we hope to buy a house this year I'm trying to practice a lot more self control in my spending - asking do I WANT this or do I NEED it?

So lately, if it's not a need, it hasn't gone in my cart.  It's been hard, too!!  Let me tell ya!  There's an adorable iPhone cover I've had my eye on and a great right hand ring I've been wanting!!  I just try to remind myself that my birthday is less than 2 months away so maybe I'll get them then!

4 - Lately, I've done a little spring cleaning....in January!  Between new things we got for Christmas and general clutter, it was time.  I cleaned out my drawers and my closet.  Feels good to purge some old things. And speaking of not buying things I don't need, I just filled up a trash bag and a paper bag full of clothes to throw away/donate.  That alone right there convinced me that exercising a little self control on my purchases is a good idea!

5 - Lately, we've spent a LOT of time looking at homes for sale.  Online, driving by, even visiting a few. We're really excited to start this whole process....we feel like we're busting at the seams of our 2 bedroom apartment (including our storage unit), but it's also all a wee bit stressful!  Luckily we have time to play with as we don't really want to move til this summer.  That goes right back to that whole not spending loads of $$ lately either :)  The greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward right!?

6 - Lately, I've been trying to say NO to tempting little goodies like these...

It's hard enough to resist the temptation in the checkout line at the store, calling out to me, but we also have sooo much Christmas candy left in the house!!  I'll have a few M&Ms here and there or a small reese's cup (or 4) after dinner!  Ughh, maybe one day they'll all be gone!

7 - Lately, I haven't had ANY diet coke!  In fact, I haven't had one yet this year...!  It wasn't really a New Year's resolution to give up soda or aspartame, but I've been doing a pretty good job of it (well for sure the soda part) so I might just go with it!!  I'm sure I won't be able to cut out aspartame completely - since I have an addition to skinny drinks at Starbucks - but I think I'll keep up with this whole no soda, limited aspartame thing!!

8 - Lately, I've been in party planning mode!!  I'm planning a shower for my cousin Erin with my mom & grandmother as well as her bachelorette party with her other MOH, my cousin Ashley!  Between the two parties there's a lot of details to figure out and put together, so I've been a mad woman on the computer researching, putting together invites, etc. :)

This weekend was a great one!  We celebrated the birthday of this cute 2 year old!!

Happy Birthday Wells Bascomb!

And watched these sweet ones play...

We also tried 2 new recipes (1 a success!, 1 was dry - boo), made a few trips to the gym, caught up on laundry, and enjoyed some time on the couch :)

Lately, we've been really enjoying the new year!  I hope your New Year is off to a great start as well :)


Annie said...

I love your new lamps! And I would love new workout clothes - they're just so expensive! I do the same with shopping as you are, though - I don't need new workout clothes, so I'm not buying them. Gonna get all the wear I can out of the ones I have now!

Anonymous said...

I also love to shop, but only if it's a good deal. Since becoming a stay at home, I've had to reevaluate everything I purchase. This is difficult, but in the end it's definitely worth it!