Back from the Beach!

Welp, all good things must come to an end.  Alas, our beach trip ended Friday night and I made my way home back to my husband, kitty cat, and house by way of my parents who were breaking up their trip back to Georgia!

We had such a fun week at the beach!!  My family has been beach hopping for the past few years and haven't found one to call our "own" just yet.  Last year we visited Corolla, in the Outer Banks of NC.  Carolina Beach might just be in the running to be "our beach", though!  We really enjoyed our stay there!  It has such a small beach town feel, but yet, lots of good restaurants within a 5-10 minute drive.  

We had a great 3 story house 2 blocks from the beach.  Every day we'd set up our tents nice and early and mosey on down usually sometime after breakfast and before lunch.  It was so nice to enjoy a leisurely pace, so different from life at home!

I didn't really blog or tweet much, just a few Instagrams here and there.  It was a nice technology break for a bit!  Sometimes just necessary during vacay!

We enjoyed lunches on the beach and on the pier, taking turns cooking dinner, going out for dinner, playing Settler's of Cataan, filling out the baby pool for Josh & Callie's new addition, laughing at all the entertainment the kids provided, laughing with each other, shopping, eating way too much, and just soaking up sweet moments together!

My heart is full!

Here is our week in pictures...

Waiting at the SeaWitch for our house to be ready last Saturday!

Gorgeous view from the upper deck of our house!

Once we got settled in the house we headed for the mad house also known as the grocery store!  Time to stock up for the week for 16 people - that equals a whole lotta groceries!!  That night no one was cooking though, we ordered amaze balls pizza from Uncle Vinny's!!

Just chillen with Mimi :)

Uncle Scott & Aunt Stacy vs. Rob & Gale in Ladder Golf

Ladder Golf was by far the best purchase we've made so far!  Everyone had so much fun playing at the beach!!  B and I remained undefeated the whole week :) pros pretty much!

view from our tents

A man and his hole

Jude in the hole.

Drinks for the week :)

Playing Settler's of Cataan...

...and taking ridiculous pics, obvi :)

Including a few with CamWow..this one was too good not to
share!  Haha

B passed by our Shack on his run :)

Rockin' Uncle B's sunglasses


Monday night we tried out Michael's Seafood Restaurant!  I highly recommend it!!  Best Chowder in the world apparently, and pretty great shrimp and crab legs in my opinion :)

Wells mean muggin' waiting on dinner

The many faces of Uncle Scott

Josh & Callie

Dinner is served and then devoured!!

Mmmm Mmmm Mmmmmm I love crab!  Crab Crab Crab

Couples at dinner!

Tuesday morning photo sesh with nieces & nephews :)

Diggin' again with Uncle Brandon

We brought out all 3 tents Tuesday as my Uncle Steve, Auntie Anne, Cousins Nikki, Betty Anne & Scott and their baby James made a day visit from Raleigh!  Of course I failed to take any pictures of them...ughh!  Tuesday was also B's last full day, he left Wednesday morning to work for the rest of the week.  Yuck!

Look at this cutie who stole my phone!

My and my Ro :)

Wells wanted to be buried!  Haha, it was bright!

Our view from the pier for lunch!

Wednesday a few of us walked down and discovered the pier restaurant - you can eat outside right in your bathing suit!  It's attached to the Ocean Grille and we liked it so much, we ate there again Thursday and went to the actual restaurant part for dinner Thursday night!

Uncle Rob & Wells after dinner

Thursday night they have live music on the pier and fireworks!  It was a pretty great ending I must say.

What!?  It's the last day!?!?

Yep, last day :(

Until next time East Coast...

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Dee Stephens said...

Good times! We have done a big beach trip with my husband's family the past couple of years..16 or 20 people but we're not doing it this year.
In fact, we need to get to the beach before the Summer is over!!