Insanity Update

Since I'm rather transparent on here and for accountability purposes, I thought I'd do a quick Insanity update on the blog!

I started Insanity on Monday, June 11th & I was super faithful and didn't miss a workout for 3 1/2 weeks...that is until July 4th and VA Beach curtailed my workouts.  Leave it to sun, sand, and cocktails to screw with your workout mojo.  

Never fails for me, daggumit!

I missed 3 workouts that week, so in an effort to attempt to make up for it {and punish myself} I tried to do a few two-a-days the next week.  It was mildly successful.  All the while, I was prepping for yet another beach vacay with my family.

Since I knew we had another week of vacation approaching, I stretched out Month 1 an extra week so my "recovery week" would fall during our Carolina Beach trip.

In theory this was a great idea - doing a relatively easier video the week I was away.  Except, this theory requires follow through and actually doing the video on vacation.  

I did it twice.  Whoops!!

So now we're home & I'm back in the routine.  I've started Month 2 and it is NO JOKE!  Sweet Caroline holy Moses, if these Month 2 workouts don't kill me - then I better be Jillian Michael's ripped!  If not, I want a refund!!

Post one of the Month 2 workouts - that's one sweat soaked Dirty D hat right there!!

I'm still running, but I'd like to be running more.  I'd also like a maid and a personal assistant to run all my errands, but we'll just have to see about all that ;)

So here's to completing Month 2 with fidelity, being completely Insane, pushing myself a little harder, and getting Spartan Race ready!

Happy Working Out & Happy Friday, y'all!!!

P.S. - Berkley comes home tomorrow!!  I'm so excited I could pee!  I mean not really, but we're really super excited! ;)


Dee Stephens said...

I hear Insanity is NO JOKE! I don't think I want to push myself that hard to be honest.
As my husband has said.. I'm just not that physical.
I guess he's right. I'm good with yoga, power walks, hikes and biking :)

Michelle Shuck said...

Oh girl, I hear ya! Just gotta find what works best for you!! I have the world's slowest metabolism, so high cardio seems to works best for me - and kick my booty :)