Photo Wall

One of the tasks on my Summer To Do List was to complete a photo wall on the giant empty wall in our bedroom...

Excuse B's suitcase in the corner - life of a traveling salesman

See, big, ugly, boring wall.

This wall definitely needed some help and since we moved in I'd had this idea of creating a photo wall somewhere in the house.  We really don't have any large open walls left in our house, so I figured this would be a great spot for a photo wall!

Anyways....thoughts were swirling, twirling in my head creating the photo wall and as of this past Sunday, it all came together!  So here's the finished product...

Ta Da!!!

I just love the way it turned out!!  I couldn't be happier!  Brandon's really good at hanging stuff - so that definitely helped ;)

The details...

The 3 prints of Michigan, North Carolina, and "It is well with my soul" are by the wonderful and talented Jessi of Naptimediaries from her Etsy site. She had a flash sale earlier this summer so I snatched them up in a heartbeat!  The 3 frames are from Garden Ridge.

The gorgeous mirror is from Sleepy Poet, a great antique booth shop here in Charlotte, and the Canvas is from CanvasPeople.com which I bought with a website deal.

I bought the wrought iron piece many moons ago and it hung above our door in our old apartment.  We just couldn't find the right spot for it in the house until I started putting the photo wall together.  I think we found the perfect spot!

My last purchase was the burlap monogramed S.  I'd pinned it a while back to my Pinterest "For The Home" board & remembered it when I had one last empty spot in the photo wall.  I followed the pin right back to the Etsy site and thought it would be the perfect addition to complete the wall.

Well I think it's complete...I guess I could still go out both directions a bit more if I found the right pieces to add.

Here are just a few more views...

And Ben was such a good helper in hanging the photo wall...by, ya know...laying in the middle of all of it!

Eventually, we'd planned build a desk to go underneath the photo wall, but now seeing the finished product, I'm thinking something like a low bench or table would be better suited for this spot. Something like any of these..



Not sure when we'll actually get a bench or table, but I'm loving the wall regardless!  Looks like I have another excuse to head back to the Sleepy Poet! :) 


Mindy said...

Michelle, I love this! I want to make one in our house! How did you get everything to line up so straight?!?!? It looks awesome!

Sarah O said...

You did a great job!

Dee Stephens said...

Good job! I need to get to work on mine!