Weekend & Happenings around the Shuck Household

Since getting back from the beach this past Friday, Brandon and I had a very productive few days!  

Friday night we relaxed & finally watched The Vow.  I cried through most of it - I just can't imagine!!  But I really did like it despite hearing a lot of mixed reviews.  

Lots of laundry and grocery shopping were also accomplished as per usual once back from vacation - fun, fun!

There was also a bit of painting involved this weekend.  I haven't recapped this story on the blog, so for memory purposes, I suppose I should....about 2 weeks ago, B walks into the kitchen only to notice a lovely bubble in our relatively newly paint underneath the light switch, which actually turns out to be filled with water.  This means one thing - A LEAK!  Great :)

The drywall was wet, paint and drywall were just peeling away {cue panicky husband} and when we turn our master shower on, we hear a drip, drip, drip behind the wiring of the light switch.  Fantastic right!?!

Actually, it could have been much worse and I'm so thankful it wasn't!  We were able to discover the source of the leak - our shower - and it was an easy fix for the plumber!!  Well, minus the two holes he had to cut in our bedroom behind our shower and in the laundry room ceiling under the shower in order to pinpoint the leak!

Haha, but they came back last week while we were away to repair the drywall & holes - thus B and I did a little paint job to finish it off.  Minus the laundry room ceiling, that is, as we don't have the right color paint.  So I'll be taping the ceiling this week so we can paint Friday night.

You see we need to finish painting Friday night because....

....this sweet thing comes home with us on Saturday!!!

Meet Berkely!!

Saturday, after a mandatory post vacay killer workout, we ran errands to pick up all the puppy essentials we would be needing!!

Berkley is a Westie and was born June 1st.  He'll be 8 weeks by the time we bring him home and we're so excited to introduce him to his cat brother and get started one house training before I head back to school in a few weeks - ahhh!! :/

We're ready & waiting for him!!  His collar hails all the way from Southport, NC where we went shopping during our beach trip :)  I think I'm even nesting {insert sarcasm}...I organized all the clothes in my closet today - now I just need my hanging jewelry racks and I can cross the closet off the summer to do list!

We also have our pest people coming out to flea bomb our house tomorrow {womp, womp} in prep for Berkley!  Despite being treated and multiple flea baths, our sweet indoor kitty just can't shake these fleas - grrrrr.  Angry fur mom over here!  B will also be spraying our backyard to kill those suckers off {I hope!!}.

We ended our Saturday with thai take out and J. Edgar on the big screen.  B and I basically gave ourselves a history lesson while watching, haha.  A pretty perfect evening!

Sunday was another workout & Bachelorette Sunday Night!!!

All in all, a great weekend.  I'm ready to soak up these last weeks of summer!  Before I know it, I'll be back to school for teacher workdays and open house!  Eep!


Mindy said...

Your new puppy is super cute!! Congrats!!!

Sarah O said...

Congratulations on the new pup! He is so cute!