July 4th & VA Beach

Tuesday evening, B's travels landed us in Virginia Beach at our friend Justin's house, just in time for July 4th!!  Ok, I lie, it's not really Virginia Beach.  His place is actually right near the Bay {Chesapeake that is} and our friends Kelsey and Aaron live just a block from the Bay!  It's quite a good set up :)

**Warning, yet another picture heavy post!  And if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen several of these already!  But you know I have to document it all on the blog :)**

Tuesday night, the 3 of us set out for Chick's for dinner!

It's any Oyster Bar so I wore my "get shucked" shirt, only appropriate :)  

Coincidentally, non of us actually like Oyster's, but it's still an awesome restaurant/bar right on the water!

after dinner :)

Andrea wasn't in town yet.  Such a shame, that pic had good potential!

We watched Act of Valor that night to prepare for the 4th!  Such a cool, intense movie about Navy Seals.  Real life, active Navy Seals were even in the movie!

We woke up Wednesday and got our workout on, and then enjoyed this delish breakfast inspired by my friend Danica & this pin.

We made ours French Toast Style and felt super patriotic eating it!!

We beached it for the day - it was H. O. T. hot!!  I think that was the theme of the week!

These skanks stole my phone while we were getting ready for dinner.

Word to the wise - you steal my phone and take pics, I will post them!! :)

Red White & Blue baby!!
RIP Andrea's poof.  I cut it off!  Oops :)

We got Mexican for dinner.  Very American right!?  Ha and then went and watched some fireworks on the beach!

at dinner

I'm such a good photographer!

Thursday, the boys worked.  So us girls, Andrea, Kelsey & I, beached it for the day.  A little reading, relaxing, lots of sweating, and some cool H2Ohyeah on the beach!

That night, Justin took us to one of his client's restaurants, Coastal Grille, where the owner promptly stuffed us silly!!  Dinner was SO good!  I had Shrimp & Grits, yum!

After dinner, we let all that good food settle, and then we were in for a treat.  A treat known as the 80's Cover Band, The Deloreans.

They were absolutely fantastic!  They sounded just like each band they covered, absolutely dressed the part and provided the most entertainment - seriously so, so fun!!  I'm going to find a way to bring them to Charlotte!

Then we can all have an 80's party!!  Deal!?

Anyways....Friday, we brunched it at Citrus with to die for mimosas...

...and then it was back to the beach for the day and back to Chick's for the night :)

Sun-kissed beach babes :)

We planned to stay until Sunday, but the heat of the beach, the lack of breeze, and our Ben Cat were calling us home!!  :)  We packed it in after a few short hours on the beach and headed back to Charlotte.

We had such a fun 4th celebrating America & creating all sorts of wild new memories!!  Hope you did, too!

P.S. - I'm am so dead serious about bring The Deloreans to Charlotte!  If anyone has a venue/bar that would be interested in bringing them down, please let me know!  They stay rather booked, but we'll get 'em here!  I'm determined!

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Dee Stephens said...

Act of Valor was an AWESOME movie!! LOVED it!!
Love your old school beach chairs. Remind me of Jr. High ;)