Small Successes

As of last Tuesday, I made my last and final car payment!!  

It may have taken me 67 months a really long time to finally pay it off....but each and every nickel paid on that car came from my hard earned money (thank you Outback, nannying, and my lucrative teaching salary) and it is paid in full my friends!

I really don't even love that car.  I mean I like it alright, it's a pretty good little car - it's held it's own through all I've put it through, get's me from A to B - but nonetheless I bought it in college, and it's mine and I've now paid it off!!  :)  Woohoo!

Feels like a very grown up thing, to have paid off my car.  I'll take that small success!

Next month, I plan to take the money I would have used for my car payment and put it towards one of my student loans.  So as of next month, I will have paid off my very first (and much smaller than the others) student loan!!

Another success!

Then in September {and for many more months to follow}, I will take the money I would have used for my car payment and the one student loan payment and put it towards my other student loan payments.

And then, hopefully, before I take a break from teaching to have babies (well that's the ultimate desire, good Lord willing) I will have paid off my student loans before I'm no longer doing what I went to school and accrued those loans to do!

And that will be a big success!!  

But we're not there yet.

Once we are there, we'll take the money from the car payment and student loan payments and put it towards B's student loans.

But we're definitely not there yet, either....one day :)

Don't worry, we're not going all Dave Ramsey on ya, {not knocking that at all!!  Many of my family members are completely Dave Ramseyed!} just applying some good practices to bring about some small successes over here :)

Feels pretty good.


Carolina Charm said...

Look at you! Great job, friend! There is something so gratifying about writing that last check. I am at the tale end of my student loans, and I cannot wait for the day they are paid off in full!

Sarah O said...

Congratulations! That is a great accomplishment. It's nice to know that something is totally yours, and you made it happen all on your own.

Todd and Sara Davis said...

That's awesome! We are Dave Ramsey graduates (ha!) and live up to his principles. We have one more small student loan to pay off and of course a home mortgage one day. I love seeing people our age proactive about being debt free! Helps me keep my sanity...congrats!