Weekend Recap

It's Monday again…and a cold & dreary one, at that!  Berk's so tried of the rain, he just wants to run around outside!!  Poor guy :(

The weather's done a complete 180 from last week!  It was in the upper 70's & sunshiny Friday {blissful} and now we're in the 40's & rainy.  Yuck!!  I'm thankful it's not snow though, that sort of cripples us in these parts!  I am excited to maybe see some snow, though, this weekend in Michigan!

The yuck weather didn't stop our Surprise 80th Birthday party for my grandmother!

Memaw (center) with her brother & sister!

Memaw & 5/8 of her adult {are we really all
adults now?!} grandchildren :)

Helping their great-grandmother blow out the candles! {3/5 of the
great-grandkids ;) }

Memaw was very surprised by her party & felt very loved!  It was great to see some family, even just for a little while!  Our house full of guests was short lived…they all left Saturday night to head back home due to the possibility of icy weather.  But they'll be back for Christmas celebrations is 2 weeks :)  And you better believe I ate some of that cake.  Whoops!

Saturday night, we threw on our tacky Christmas sweaters for a few hours & stopped in at our friends' party!

We relaxed a bit Sunday morning before a good long workout at the gym, followed by naps {ok, only I napped}, Dexter & taco soup.  I tried to not eat the Hershey Mint Truffles & Candy Cane Kisses I bought {why do I ever buy those things!?} and then I cried myself to sleep after a dismal 1st half in the Panther's v. Saints game :(  

Sadly, I didn't wake up to better news, but we still have a chance to redeem ourselves in 2 weeks! And 8 wins in a row is still pretty impressive!

Here's to a productive week, I have a little shopping left to finish & lots of wrapping to do!  How's the weather in your neck of the woods?

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