And we're off....

We pulled out of our parking spot in our garage this morning at 2:22am and were officially Florida bound!  So far we're feeling pretty good and definitely looking forward to a nap on the beach later!  This weekend felt sooo long.  Waiting for vacation is hard, haha.  So many times this weekend we were like, "Man, let's just leave now!" or "Why didn't we plan to leave Sunday instead of Monday!?"  But 2am finally came a calling!

Are you wondering how I'm blogging while going 75mph about 50 miles north of the Florida state line?  Brandon got a MiFi Wireless hot spot for work so it's sitting here next to me, providing me wireless internet as we travel!!  How cool is that!?  I think it's probably my new favorite invention!

My early Happy Spring Break Travel Easter Basket!
My sweet husband, who loves to surprise me, got me this cute little basket and planned to surprise me with it this morning.  I sort of ruined that surprise Friday afternoon, though.  Ha, we had picked up a few groceries to grill out Friday night after the gym and I went to put the groceries in the back seat.  Yep, there was my basket!  Whoops!  I was still very surprised, if that counts!  Haha (and how good of a hiding spot is the back seat really!?  I can't be blamed for that!)  This man knows the exact way to my heart....Reese's Eggs (assorted chocolates!), Cadbury Creme Eggs, Starburst Jelly Beans, a ginormous Butterfinger Chocolate Bunny, Peeps!, $15 iTunes cash, and a Women's Health!  (Which I'll need to give me tips on how to burn off all the candy in the basket!)  Love that man!!

I made these awesome Crumble top Blueberry Muffins Saturday night!  Thought they would be the perfect on the road breakfast for this morning.  And they were, so delicious!  If you make from the box or don't have a good "from scratch" recipe, make these!  You can find the recipe here.  Disclaimer: The muffin's definitely look prettier on Christie's blog, haha.  And mine only made 10 muffins per batch, maybe I was making them too big!?  Either way, so good!

We already miss our Benny!  Ha, we dropped him off at my grandmother's last night.  She's going to watch him for the week.  We tried to prep him and tell him to behave....we'll see :/  we told her just to keep a running record of damages! Hah, it was sad to leave him although I know he'll be fine and I realize (watch out, captain obvious comment coming!) that he is only a cat!  But we miss our cat and it's only been a night, what will it be like when we have children!?!  Haha

Happy Monday y'all!  I'll try to soak up some rays for everyone in an office back home this week ;)

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