Great Things!

Great things are going on around here y'all!  :)  It was one year ago yesterday (April 3rd, 2010) that Brandon proposed to me and made me the happiest woman on Earth!!!

We were on vacation in San Juan, Puerto Rico for my spring break!  He popped the question the first night we were there, right before dinner!

We had a celebratory dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House which was attached to our hotel!  I wondered when we got there why he suggested we should go there our first night.  I asked, "Don't you want to save it for a night later in the vacation...we don't have to go the first night we're here!"  Little did I know :)

We LOVED Puerto Rico, but that could be a whole other blog post!  Haha, we're already trying to plan a time when we can go back!  

Today is also the birthday of 2 wonderful people I know!!  My friend, Lisa turned a quarter of a century today :) Lisa is one of my best friends!  I lived with Lisa the year before Brandon and I got married and she was pretty much the best roommate ever!

Lisa and I after dinner tonight to celebrate her birthday!
All the girls out to dinner!  Lisa has lots of great friends and I'm glad to have gotten to know many of them and call them my friends as well :)
Lisa and I didn't meet until I began teaching after I graduated in late 2008.  Many people at our school thought we looked alike.  We had a very similar short haircut at the time and I can definitely see how you could make that mistake from behind. We're a lot alike in general, though, so she'll always be my twin!

Here's an older picture, just for fun!  Gives a better idea of the short haircut!
Today is also my brother in law, Casey's birthday!  Casey is married to Brandon's sister, Ashley.  They live up in Michigan, so unfortunately we don't get to be there to celebrate with him!  Wish we were, Ashley and Casey are lots of fun! Hopefully, we'll see them soon!

Oh Casey!! 

Saturday, Brandon and I were out to run some errands.  We've been in the market for a macbook and couldn't decide when to bite the bullet.  But this Saturday, it happened, I finally crossed over from the dark side and entered the mac world!!!  We got a macbook laptop!!!  I LOVE it!  It is my new favorite toy for sure, I think I might even like it better than Benson!  Not really, but it's up there on my list :)  Now, once I get my iPhone in June, I'll be set!

I got a cute Marc Jacobs case for it!  Its this same print, but this case is actually for an iPad...couldn't find the actual one I got.
Lastly, while out on Saturday, we also picked up some of our favorite candles from Bath & Body Works!  They were having a 2 for $20 sale so we picked up the spring/summery scents, below!


They smell uh-MAY-zing!!!!  Like we're in the tropics and definitely get us in the mood for spring break!  Which is only 9 school days away, 11 days in all!  Hope your Monday was great! :)

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Erin said...

David introduced me to the world of Apple and now I'll never go back! :) Hope you enjoy your new toy!