Vacay in Pictures

Vacation has been WON.DER.FUL!!!  I always have mixed emotions coming home from vacation....sad to leave, but happy to be home as well!  I've so enjoyed all this time with my husband - relaxing, lounging, talking, laughing, and this time around being adventurous, too; but I'm looking forward to home - our bed, our sheets, our towels, a washer and dryer, and our sweet kitten!

I'm not *as excited* about returning to work as I am coming home, but that also comes with the end of vacation....c'est la vie!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel, though.  Only 34 work days when I get back :)  But enough about that, here's a review of our vacay in pictures!

Ahhh....finally made it to the beach!  Relaxation!

Brandon taking a little nap after driving the whole wayyy!

View from our hotel room :)

Just had to share our sweet retro '80s bar in our suite in Melbourne!  Haha, the suite (thanks to Brandon's platinum status ;) was pretty nice, just need to upgrade the decorations a wee bit I'd say.....it's no longer 1986 :)

First night out to dinner....Coconuts on the Beach

Little blurry, but thumbs up for the view and live music!

Our new bathing suits from Ron Jon Surf Shop....the 1000 billboards on I-95 convinced us we should go there!

Notice the sweet "Get Shuckin' " photos from a raw bar called Bunky's!!  So cool....I got a t-shirt :)

Wednesday afternoon, after a morning on the beach, we drove to Kissimmee/ Orlando for the rest of our trip.  Lots to explore, including Downtown Disney, Universal, Adventure Island, and Universal's City Walk!!

Dinner out Wednesday night - Downtown Disney @ Bongos Cuban Cafe

Can't pass up tropical drinks while in Florida!  Unfortunately, these were the best part of that Bongos restaurant....we weren't super impressed with dinner :(

But some yummy dessert sure made up for it!!

Thursday at Universal 

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (said in my best British accent :)

Ughhh....we had to wait in line for over an HOUR for the Harry Potter ride.  But well worth it in the end!

Dinner after the park....much better than the night before.   This time we ate at Latin Quarter and this giant margarita was not the only highlight! :)

Friday night....back to Downtown Disney and Planet Hollywood!  Last night of vaycay :(

We only ended up going to Universal one day, instead of 2 like we planned.  We rode all the rides we could/cared for on Thursday, so we still have 2 free tickets left over!  We figure in about 10 years when some of the rides have changed and we have kids who can enjoy the park we'll venture back down to use them...and maybe hit a few other parks as well!  Now....all good things must come to and end, so its back home to the real world for us.

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Ashley said...

You're killing me, Smalls! That looks like so much fun. I am beyond jealous. So glad y'all had a great time, though! : )