Are you ready for some football!?!?

Or maybe we should be asking....will there even be football!?!  With all this lockout business, it's hard to say.  I don't know a whole lot about the situation, but this is what I do know...for now the lockout is lifted and teams can practice and have their playbooks, it is in appeal so the players could be re-locked-out, and the NFL draft did carry on.

Welcome to the Panther's Cam Newton!!!  I'm not actually so sure about how I feel welcoming you to my team.  You're very controversial from what I hear (you can read about that here) and that doesn't make a good first impression.  But apparently it was your father soliciting for money, and for the sake of a new season, I'll give you a clean slate in my book.  Now, you were THE #1 draft pick, so I have very high expectations!  So the second you go out there and start blowing it (which some say is inevitable, me I don't know?!), you better believe I'm gonna be calling for Jimmy Clausen or Matt Moore or just anyone else who can maybe throw the ball!

Hopefully you prove 'em all wrong!  Hey if we get a few more wins than last year, I guess I'll be happy.  Just make me proud man!  The Panther's are MY team!! Born and raised here, I grew up loving them and am a true fan!  Aren't many of those in Charlotte I feel like, all the transplants that live down here.  They all love their team from back home the most, and the Panther's become their second rate, #2 team.  My husband is a perfect example of that. He loves his Lions the most, through the good times and the bad and would definitely wear Lions gear if the Panther's played the Lions.  But any other week, the Panther's are his team, too. So come on Newton and be good at your job for me!!  That's all I ask :)

On a completely different note......how much did you LOVE the royal wedding!?!?

I thought Kate looked STUNNING!!  She's so poised and classy and has really made a name for herself!  I knew she'd wear lace and she just looked beautiful, like a true princess!

This was my favorite moment!  I teared up watching this while I was getting ready Friday morning, haha.  Kate finally got down to the end of the aisle to her Prince Charming (literally) and he leaned over and said, "You look beautiful!"  How sweet!

Kate's second dress was just as beautiful!  Definitely the party dress!  Can you imagine what it must have been like to be at their reception that night at the Palace!?  If only I weren't a lowly commoner....haha.  Now I think Prince Harry and Kate's sister Pippa should get together!  How great would that be!?

Hope everyone's weekend is going well :) Happy Saturday!


Mimi to 3 said...

Loved watching the wedding! I agree, she looked gorgeous. They look so in love, unlike Diana and Charles. I live in ATL but will still pull for those Panthers! Maybe they will have a better year if they get to play!

Ashley said...

BOO CAM NEWTON!! I'm not a fan. (Us SEC people either love or hate him.) But I do hope he does well! I'll change my opinion if he can actually pull through. : ) And I LOOOOVED the Royal Wedding. They seem truly in love to me. So sweet!