Getting over the hump...

Man oh man....this week back after spring break is keeeeeling me!!  I'm pretty much exhausted and hanging by the skin of my teeth, or at least it feels that way this week!  Spring fever might actually be worse now even after spring break.  Is that even possible!?  Testing season for the kiddos is right around the corner so school is busy busy busy and more busy!  But this too shall pass (in exactly 31 school days!) and summer is a comin'!

I've been staying at work til 430 or so every day this week (remember I'm there before 7 every morning! ha) and then have been coming home to work on MORE stuff....so in honor of making it over the hump today, I took tonight off :)  I was at work til 450 and didn't get home to after 515, so I let myself sit on the couch for 25 minutes before mustering up the energy for the gym!

*disclaimer - this is not actually me or anything what I look like while working out - haha, I'm more of a sweaty hot mess, but you get the idea!
I was feeling super tired this afternoon, but I'm glad I worked out anyway.  I'll take tomorrow off :)  Then after I showered and got into some comfy pjs, I sat down to my laptop to catch up on my facebook and blog reading.....ahhh relaxation!  I also watched one of my new favorite shows, Happy Endings on ABC.

It is HILARIOUS!  If you haven't watched, go to ABC's website and you can catch all the previously aired episodes!  While I watched, I painted my nails!

I love having my nails painted!  Makes me feel girly and pretty.  I would have them painted all the time if I could, professionally at that!  They always do a way better job than I do, but that would just be too expensive.  And an at home mani's always a nice treat as well :)  And lastly, since we're now closer to Friday than Monday, I think tomorrow just might call for some Starbucks to ensure I can actually make it these last 2 days!

Hopefully your week is going well and these nasty storms are sparing you.  Some are headed right this way but as long as it's a tornado-less and hail-less storm, I will be one happy sleeper!  And that's exactly where I'm headed now :)  Goodnight and be blessed!

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