A Movie Kind of Weekend

Man, I love relaxing, long weekends!  This one wasn't truly a long weekend, but felt a little longer than normal since I got to work from home on Friday!  :)  I slept til 9am and it was GLORIOUS!!  I did some school work and house work throughout the day and felt rather accomplished (yay me!).  Then Brandon and I had a pretty relaxing weekend.  Apparently it was a movie kind of weekend.  We, in total, watched 3 movies!!  That's right, 3, one per day.  Haha, we have the Blockbuster version of Netflix so we usually have a few movies on hand.  I'll play as your movie critic and review movie we choices of the weekend.  Friday night we watched....
I loved it!  But then again, I pretty much love anything Denzel Washington does, he's one of my favorites!!  It was one of those keep you on the edge of your seat, how's it gonna end up, what's gonna happen?? movies and was intense!  And, its actually "inspired by" a true story that you can read about here.  Yes, exaggerated a bit for the sake of the movie, but still crazy!

Saturday, we had a little date night out and went got dinner at Cajun Queen. Then we headed to the movies to use a Fandango gift card we had.  Free movie :) So we thought....for future reference, Fandango gift cards can only be used online, so sadly our movie was not free, but now our next one will be!  Saturday night we saw....
We were trying to decide between seeing The Lincoln Lawyer and this, and I can say I was not disappointed!  I really liked it!  It was one of those make you think, gotta pay attention, matrix-ish movies and very suspenseful!  Bradley Cooper's character takes a pill that allows him access to 100% of his brain (because so "they" say we only use 20%).  This allows him to do some pretty crazy stuff!  I don't know what I think about that whole using only 20% of our brain thing (show me some research, in layman's terms please), but if there is any truth to it, I'm still not sure I'd want access to my full brain!  Kinda scary, haha.

Sunday night, after a productive day of working out and cleaning, we watched....
I've heard this movie got pretty poor reviews, but I usually end up liking those movies!  Ha, shows you what I know about cinema and Hollywood!  It was true this time, too.  I liked it a lot!  I've never been a huge Angelina fan, but that's probably because I let her personal life cloud my view of her as an actress.  And, I typically tend to like Johnny Depp movies, although they can be a little weird. Well this was one of those gotta pay attention, catch all the little details, twist the plot around on ya kind of movies, of which I love!!  I sat there at the end saying "I had no clue this whole time!!"  This movie also had more of a romantic underlying love theme than the first two of the weekend, so that was nice as well :)  I guess I can see how that might turn guys off of the storyline potentially, but Brandon really liked it, too!

Well there ya have it, those are my movie reviews for ya so take 'em for what they're worth and watch them yourself.  Here's to a quick and easy work week!  Cheers!

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