Counting Down & Counting Blessings

So, I'm constantly looking into the future and counting down to things I'm looking forward to!  Which can be good and bad.  But that's another post :)  Here's an update on my current countdowns!

1 and 1/2 - My friend Alex (to the right of me in this pic) is getting married in less than a month!!!  Only one parent meeting and a day and a half of work are separating me from her bachelorette party in Charleston!!  All of the beautiful ladies in this pic are coming too, so I can't wait for a girls weekend at the BEACH to celebrate Alex becoming a Mrs!!

18 - I can FIN.UH.LLY update my phone on June 5th and guess what I'm getting!?!  An iPhone!  So long blackberry world, I will miss you a little bit, but not that much.  Now, my dilemma....black or white??  Tough decisions here. Thoughts? Also, I heard with Verizon you can update up to a week early for 20 extra bucks? If this is true, I can update in 11 days!!  Wooo

16 school days, 2 teacher work days, and 27 total days are all that's between me and summertime!!  If you can't tell, I'm very excited!  I have lots of plans and ideas of how I can fill my time not working (yes, not working...this is a first!) that I'm really looking forward to.  And of course I can't wait to sleep in, work out when I want, and lay by the pool quite often, as well :)

Speaking of work......I have to say I am blessed to still have a job!  Our district is going through budget woes (who isn't!?) and teachers unfortunately are getting slashed.  But, I still have a job.  And despite my complaints, stress, and frustration sometimes, I STILL HAVE A JOB!  And income.  So for that, I consider myself blessed.

6 months ago as of Friday, I married this stud!  He's got awesome dance moves (clearly, see above), he vacuums, lets me hit the beach with my girls for a weekend, and pulls the kitty away from me at 4am when I'm cranky and Benson wants to cuddle and purr like a motor (so really he's just watching out for Benny, cause I'm mean at 4 am)!  I'm so blessed that he's mine :) I won't get to see him much this weekend, but next weekend is a long one so we'll get to make up for lost time!

Since its not 4 am and my kitty is acting very cuddly, off to bed we go :)  sweet dreams!


Mimi to 3 said...

Isn't Alex on your left in this picture? I guess it is all in how you look at it. To the left of you in the picture, but on the right of you the way we look at the picture! LOL!! Have fun in Charleston!

Ashley said...

You've got a lot to look forward to. And I say go with the black phone (I feel like white would look dirty a lot!) And I'm so glad you still have a job! Even if it is a really exhausting one!