Loooong Weekend :)

I sure do love long weekends, especially Memorial Day weekend!!  The kick off to summer, extra time with the hubs, friends, the lake, grilling, lounging by the pool, and a short work week the next week.  Yes please!!

Our weekend was jammed packed and an absolute blast!  But phew....today I could've used another weekend just to rest :)  My weekend got off to a bit of a rough start.  Thursday night I could feel the drainage taking over and my throat starting to hurt, so Friday morning I started popping the mucinex.  Luckily, Friday was a pretty easy day at school and I left shortly after the kids to come home and rest.  After a workout and some ibprofen on top of the mucinex (druggy, I know! Watch out!) I was feeling a bit better.

We had plans to meet up with our friends Greg & Ashley Friday night at Speed Street and then to go see Hangover 2.  (For any non-Charlotteans, Speed Street is the annual street party every Memorial Day weekend in downtown Charlotte with lots of local vendors and musical guests to gear up for the Coca-Cola 600.  Fun fact of the day: Its the longest race in the Sprint cup.  Learn something new every day dontcha?  :)  Anyways....Friday evening was extremely rather rainy, but we thought it had stopped.

We were wrong <insert not so happy wife walking downtown in the rain!!> and the bottom fell out on our walk to the movie theater.  So my darling husband that he is, hailed us a cab to take us the last 2 blocks <insert happier wife with frizzy, wet hair>.  At least its dark in a movie theater!  Can I get an Amen!?

Hangover 2 was hilarious!!!  Yes its crude and rude and I'm sure many people would choose not to see it.  But I saw it and laughed hysterically, I cannot tell a lie.

Saturday around noon we headed off to Lake Norman for the day!!  Our friend Mike has a boat and graciously offered a few seats to us along with Greg & Ashley.  We tied up to the "redneck yacht club" and spent the afternoon tanning and swimming :)

We wanted to venture out & try Speed Street again but we were worn out. Sunday was spent lounging by the pool and then we headed over to cookout at Greg's with he, Ashley and our friends Ryan & Kelly!  We just couldn't get enough of them so we spent Monday laying by their pool!  (I could get used to this!  I'll give you one guess as to where you can find me this summer!?) I didn't take any pictures though Sunday or Monday :(  fail!  One day I'll be better about that! Maybe....

This weekend was a great kickoff to summer....8 days now!  I see a light at the end of the tunnel...it is a faint light....but it's there!!

Finally, a picture of our cat who thinks he owns our house!  Crazzyy kitty.  Hooray for a short work week :) Be blessed!

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Erin said...

Jovie does the same thing...except she gets on top of the counters!! And it looks like you had a great weekend!! I'm so ready for the lake!! You can definitely make it 8 more days :)