Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to the best mother around!!!

Mom, I am so blessed to have you as my mother!!  You're such an awesome mom and I'm so appreciative and grateful for all you've done for me throughout my 24 years.  You've set a wonderful example as to what a Godly mother should be and kept the bar high.  One day, I aspire to be even half the mom you are!

You're a fantastic Mimi and your grandchildren absolutely adore you!!  I can't wait to pawn my kids off on you for long weekends :) haha

I'm so thankful for our relationship and that you've become one of my best friends that I call each day on my way home from work :)  I'm so blessed to be your daughter and I look forward to our years ahead and when I become a mom!  I'm sure I'll be looking to you for lots of advice!

I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful mothers!

I am so thankful for Joan, my wonderful mother-in-law!  She raised an awesome son and I know he's so thankful to have such a great mother!  One quick story about Joan, she used to make Brandon and Ashley a big breakfast EVERY morning before school with pancakes, eggs, etc to get them ready for their day!  If that doesn't deserve Mom of the Year right there - I don't know what does!  Haha, thanks for sharing your son with me Joan :) we love and miss you lots!

I am truly blessed to now have 4 grandmothers in my life!!

My maternal grandmother, Betty, aka Memaw :)
My paternal grandmother, Betty aka Grandma

Brandon's maternal Grandma, Mary and Betty
Brandon's paternal Grandma, Grandma Shuck
Both of my grandmothers are named Betty :)  I've had the privilege to really get to know my 2 Bettys and have them, 1 or both, live in my same city for many, many years growing up!  They are strong, wise, Godly women!   I love hearing stories from their lives, their marriages, their lessons learned.  I've loved getting to know Brandon's grandmother's as well.  We're SO fortunate to still have our grandmothers around!  I'm looking forward to having them around as great-grandmothers, too :)

Don't kill me for this one Aunt Stacy!! :)
My Aunt Stacy is like a second Mom to me!  She's an awesome mom (even though she used to be the "mean Mommy"! :) and aunt!!  I love spending time with her and I'm so blessed to have grown up knowing her and building such a great relationship with her!  I really look up to and admire her!  She's raised 2 awesome girls who I'm privileged to call my cousins and the sisters-I-never-had! Thanks for being my "bonus" mom!

My sister-in-law Callie is a wonderful Mama to my 3 beautiful niece and nephews!!  I think she was born to be a mom :)  When their youngest was born, they had 3 under the age of 4 and Callie handled it like it was no big thing!  Haha, she makes it look easy and is another wonderful example in my life of a great Mom!!  I already enjoy her perspective on "mothering" and look forward to having her as an aunt to my kids one day!

To all the wonderful mothers in my life and all the other mothers out there, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY and I love you!!  I'm sorry I can't see all of you today to share it with you.  It may not be mentioned everyday, but what you do does not go unnoticed!  Thank you for all you do and your example.  I hope to be as great a mother as you all are one day!


Mimi to 3 said...

Thanks for such sweet words. It has been a joy to be your Mom and I look forward to those times when you send the kids for me to keep!! Love you tons and thanks for bringing me such happiness!

Ashley said...

So sweet!! And all your "mothers" are like mothers to me too! So Happy Mother's Day to all of the Pickering and Acuff women! ; )