History in the making....

Wow, what a weekend!  First, the Royal Wedding on Friday and then the raid, capture, and defeat of Osama bin Laden last night!!  This will definitely be a weekend to go down in the history books.

There are certainly many points of view on the death of bin Laden.....celebration, closure, and justice being served.....the thought that none of us here are God and are we just as low as the radicals when we celebrate his death?  Questioning how his death will effect current threats toward our country and potential retaliation....remembering that Jesus loved bin Laden and died for his sins just as He died for mine, while trusting and believing in my government to take out those who are against peace, freedom, and our country.  And no doubt, bin Laden was against all of those things.

But despite your point of view, your political view, party, conservative, or liberal....thank you, thank you to all those in uniform and many thanks to our current president and his predecessors for their actions and efforts to take out this man and hopefully further cripple terrorism.  Sure the fight is not over, but this man, in one day ordered the mass murder of over 3,000 people in the attacks on the World Trade Centers.  And that was just one of his attacks!  There were many, many more where innocent lives were lost at the hand of this man.

Our great country, despite how awful this man was, honored his religious wishes and gave him a burial according to his beliefs.  That speaks volumes, I think, to our country's respect of human life - how even though we knew this man needed to be taken out to prevent further evil, in that we can still respect the loss of a life and be dignified beings.

Today, and everyday, I am proud to be an American!  I am glad my future children will live in a world that is Osama bin Laden free.  They will have to read about it in a textbook and listen to stories from their parents and grandparents, "Well when I was 14.....".  Even now, the students I teach have pretty much always lived in a post 9/11 world, or were at least very young when it occurred.  Young or old, though, I think we all felt pride today!  USA!!!!

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