Follow-up & the Last Weekend of Freedom

Alright y'all....if you haven't checked out the recipes from my previous post, scroll down & do so right away!  I would say they were all a success!!

One thing I would change on the Hawaiian BBQ chicken is maybe don't add the pineapple til you plate it.  When the pineapple is in the BBQ sauce all day it kind of takes on the sauce flavor & looses its pineappley (new word!) goodness!  So if I were to redo it I would either top it with the pineapple or serve it as a side.

Cilantro Lime Rice = bangin'!!!  Go make this RIGHT now!!  Omg, it was so good & we will be serving it often in this household =)

The Lime Infused Honey Crusted Chicken was also DELISH!!  B actually put together the marinade once I left for school this past Friday & it marinated all day.  It was juicy and limey and verrry flavorful!  Try it out!

I consider the Zucchini Oven fries a large success as I love zucchini & they were so good!!  My husband however only likes meat and potatoes so while he graciously ate 3, he didn't love them like I did.  But he said "No, they're good."

The Roasted Potatoes = YUM!!  Brandon did love these!  They were almost a little too salty (oops!).  I drizzled some EVOO over them and sea salt like I do when I'm roasting asparagus and it was borderline too much salt, but so tasty!

I finished the potatoes and zucchini off tonight for dinner!

Now to switch gears a bit....this past weekend was my last weekend of freedom before the kiddos come!!

Whaaaaaaa!!!  Haha, just kidding!  Mostly :)  This weekend was a good last weekend of "freedom" though!

B and I had some good down time which was pretty nice!  We hung out on the couch, by the pool, went out to dinner, got yummy ice cream, went to a friend's couples shower, lounged in front of the tube, watched Rio (super cute movie, btw!), and snuggled with this guy...

It was a nice quiet weekend before our busy fall gets under way!  Ready, set.....GO!

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Ashley said...

Yay! I can't wait to try the recipes! I'm glad they were good. I also love your kitty. I still can't believe I haven't met him! I'm making a visit next Teacher Workday. Ha! Good luck starting back! : )